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Re: Let's finally settle this 11/12 thing

Jesus Christ, you don't get it.

First off, I did not want to do this for any fame or anything, I would have done it Anonymous if I could, and if you think of it that way.

The reason I created this thread, is because I've been in two different highly-populated forums and, not directed to Wrestling, but anyway, the same shit that's been happening lately happened exactly in those two forums. They were 'alive' for 4 years, and I was one of the most well-known 'veterans' (if you wanna call it that way) in said forums.
One of them didn't derail that much, but the other one, 2 years after the forum was made, the same thing that's happening here happened there, old members started overlooking newer members because of their join date. It dragged on, on, and on, and 1 year later it was a complete fuckery filled with flaming threads for hours, hours, and hours every day. It was unbearable, the older members dissing the newer members, and vice versa, like 50 bannings every day, changed-IP comebacks, re-banned, return, and so on.

Until eventually, some guy who was a genious hacker, keylogged the entire forum (and they were heavily protected, might I add) and filled the forum with complete nonsense from disgusting pictures, to porn, to..well, the most ridiculous and pathetic stuff you can imagine. 1 month later, the forum was shut down, and dead.

What I am trying to say is, it might not happen here, but who knows if it really doesn't? That was a heavily protected and populated forum at the time, over 3 million users. I would have never guessed that would happen.
Who knows if it's just a matter of time until someone who gets really gotten to, and decides to hold a grudge and get revenge?

But yeah, I was just trying to be a little nice for once, since despite everything, this is my favourite forum since the end of the one I talked about. I had no intentions of making a name for myself, this was not because I am 'gotten to' over my join date, it was just me trying to settle things and actually trying to help. But I see that it's pointless, don't worry, it was my last attempt on something like this, I give up.

You wanna continue with the pointless bickering, go on.

I'll get out of it now.

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