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re: 2012-13 English Premier League/Cups Thread (Winning at home is overrated anyways)

Originally Posted by danny_boy View Post
I see what you're saying but say we have 5 have ex-pro's refereeing in the Premier League who apply there undertsanding to the game on the feild of play and you have 5 referee's who have come up through the ranks from the very bottom who do as you say follow the list of rules it will them bring the whole "consistency" problem, so what do you do then?

Do you make it so only ex-pro's can Referee in the Premier League which could potentially then lead to jealousy from the Referee's who have now lost there posistion as an Elite Referee or Referee's in the lower leagues who have aspirations at Refereeing at the very top who would then all of a sudden of there ambitions ripped from them and the best they could then dream of is refereeing the Championship Play-off final.

Also to be fair to our Referee's they do let alot of things go compared to Referee's accross the continent, A common phase you often hear when watching a Champions League/Europa League/International match with an English team inolved is "You can't do that in an XYZ game and get away with it" which suggests that our Referee's are a bit more leniant.
Just have all ex-pro referee's. I wouldn't even want non ex-pro's officiating professional lower league matches, semi-professional/amateur understanding for semi-professional/amateur leagues. Obviously this won't happen straight away and could cause short term issues, but it would benefit English football in the long term. I realise that this would be a very radical movement, but it really needs to happen.

Short term you would trial the idea in big individual games such as cup finals that have little effect on other games (unlike in league games where all results can directly affect your team that is in the same division). Then you'd gradually introduce the full set on a league by league basis, that way you maintain some consistency. Eventually (if the plan works out) you'll have a complete set of ex-pro referees throughout the leagues who should all have a reasonable understanding of the game. They also might garner a little bit more respect from active players than the traffic wardens, high school teachers and other little hitlers who only desire control of something that they don't understand.

I don't really care about the aspirations of those who have routinely been proven to be inept (lol at worrying about the feelings of jealous nerds) as a whole over a lengthy period of time. If those guys genuinely do enjoy reffing then they will continue to do it at grass roots level, regardless of any glass ceilings. It would actually be good to eradicate all of the spastics who love to stir up controversy in order to put the spotlight on themselves. Hello Phil Dowd.

As for our referees being more lenient? Yes, when it suits them, but there is absolutely no consistency from match to match and individual to individual, so I don't buy that as an argument. Also, you have to bare in mind that these refs are often far too lenient. That's not a good quality.
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