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Re: Brock lesnar potential new contract

Originally Posted by Green Light View Post
That's a load of horseshit, nobody knows for sure the finer details of Brock or Rock's contract, nobody knows how much money either guy is making from the company and more importantly FOR the company. What we do know is that Vince is a pretty shrewd businessman and he wouldn't sign Brock if he didn't think the guy was profitable and he most certainly wouldn't then RE-SIGN him if the deal was as bad for WWE as you make it out to be
What we know is that Vince has lost it and is desperate because he doesn't have any legit stars left on his roster. It was confirmed that Lesnar makes 5 million for 35 appearance just like The Rock was paid the same amount he did in his first film to face Cena at Mania which was 5 million. You say nobody knows how much money each guy makes for Vince? Easy. Just look at the crowd. How many Lesnar shirts to you see? None! Here's another fact for you. The PPV buys that WWE gets not all the money goes to them. They %40 to %50 goes to the PPV provider (Optimum, Dish, etc.) so PPV buys aren't exactly WWE's number one seller. The money is in Cena's shirts, Ryder's Band, Santino's Cobra & Rey & Cara's luchador mask. PPV is a dying business is a fact.
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