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Re: Brock lesnar potential new contract

Originally Posted by JoseBxNYC View Post
The problem is that the current contract is a disaster. Vince has really lost it when he threw 5 million dollars to a guy who only appears 35 times a year and he'll earn an additional 140,000 dollar if he exceeds the 35 appearance limit per appearance. Basically Vince isn't thinking straight. Brock Lesnar doesn't draw 5 million dollars for WWE. He does increase PPV sales but WWE loses a huge chunck of that profit to PPV companies and to top it off Lesnar isn't exactly a merchandise draw. Vince should have signed Lesnar for 50 appearances that way Lesnar would have been on Raw the whole year and would have only miss a few weeks & PPVs. The Rock gets payed 5 million as well but The Rock has sold tons of merchandise since his return to the company with his "Boots To Asses" merchandise & other merchandise with Rock catchphrases. Lesnar has Vince by the balls and I guarantee he will want more money and the same appearances. I'm willing to bet that even Cena's base salary isn't 5 million.
That's a load of horseshit, nobody knows for sure the finer details of Brock or Rock's contract, nobody knows how much money either guy is making from the company and more importantly FOR the company. What we do know is that Vince is a pretty shrewd businessman and he wouldn't sign Brock if he didn't think the guy was profitable and he most certainly wouldn't then RE-SIGN him if the deal was as bad for WWE as you make it out to be
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