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Re: Brock lesnar potential new contract

The problem is that the current contract is a disaster. Vince has really lost it when he threw 5 million dollars to a guy who only appears 35 times a year and he'll earn an additional 140,000 dollar if he exceeds the 35 appearance limit per appearance. Basically Vince isn't thinking straight. Brock Lesnar doesn't draw 5 million dollars for WWE. He does increase PPV sales but WWE loses a huge chunck of that profit to PPV companies and to top it off Lesnar isn't exactly a merchandise draw. Vince should have signed Lesnar for 50 appearances that way Lesnar would have been on Raw the whole year and would have only miss a few weeks & PPVs. The Rock gets payed 5 million as well but The Rock has sold tons of merchandise since his return to the company with his "Boots To Asses" merchandise & other merchandise with Rock catchphrases. Lesnar has Vince by the balls and I guarantee he will want more money and the same appearances. I'm willing to bet that even Cena's base salary isn't 5 million. Personally they should just sign back Jeff Hardy. Jeff Hardy will cost a lot less and will bring more money than Lesnar.

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