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Re: Top 10 BFG matches

Way too hard to list just 10, so how about a Top 3 from each year?

- AJ Styles Vs. Christopher Daniels for the X Title in a 30 Minute Iron Man Match. (Nowhere near as good as their AAO Iron Man, but still very good)

- Rhino Vs. Jeff Hardy Vs. Sabu Vs. Abyss in a Monster's Ball (Wild & crazy spotfest. Hardy is insane).

- Rhino, Samoa Joe, Ron Killings, Kip James, Monty Brown, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, Sabu, Abyss, & Lance Hoyt in a Gauntlet Match to determine Number One Contender & Rhino Vs. Jeff Jarrett for the World Title. (Just an exciting & well booked solution to losing Nash for the main event).

- Senshi Vs. Chris Sabin for the X Title (Awesome & overlooked match).

- AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels Vs. LAX in a Six Sides of Steel Match for the Tag Titles (Excellent & violent match to conclude a great feud).

- Jeff Jarrett Vs. Sting for the World Title with Kurt Angle as Guest Enforcer (Had a great Old School feel to it and the ending was sweet).

2007 (Fuck it, I'll do a top 5 for this one. That's how good this PPV was):
- LAX Vs. XXX in an Ultimate X Match (wild spotfest)

- Jay Lethal Vs. Christopher Daniels for the X Title (not much story behind it, but just a damn good match).

- The Steiner Brothers Vs. Team 3D in a Tables Match (criminally underrated. This match was pretty damn sweet, especially with the table spots they did).

- Samoa Joe Vs. Christian Cage (Fantastic match between two guys with great chemistry).

- Kurt Angle Vs. Sting for the World Title (Great dream match and by far the best main event in BFG History, probably even my number one favorite match).

- Beer Money Inc Vs. Team 3D Vs. LAX Vs. Abyss/Matt Morgan in a Monster's Ball for the Tag Titles (Mongo was a shit referee, but the hardcore spectacle made up for everything).

- Jeff Jarrett Vs. Kurt Angle (Great emotionally charged match up).

- Samoa Joe Vs. Sting for the World Title (Fucking crazy match).

- Amazing Red Vs. Christopher Daniels Vs. Suicide Vs. Alex Shelley Vs. Chris Sabin Vs. Homicide in an Ultimate X Match for the X Title (This match actually got scary at points).

- Matt Morgan Vs. Kurt Angle (Great athletic match that showed off Morgan's power and Angle's technical ability).

- AJ Styles Vs. Sting for the World Title (could have been better, but was still a nice & classy way to end the PPV).

2010 (The worst BFG by far):
- The Motor City Machine Guns Vs. Generation Me for the Tag Titles (Just an exciting tag team match).

- Rob Van Dam Vs. Abyss in a Monster's Ball (Nice & Violent hardcore match. This is actually one of RVD's better matches in TNA).

- Fortune Vs. EV2.0 in Lethal Lockdown (One of the weaker Lethal Lockdowns and I groaned when EV2 went over...but it was still OK0.

- Jerry Lynn Vs. Rob Van Dam in Full Metal Mayhem (Nice to see this match one more time).

- Bully Ray Vs. Mr. Anderson in a No Disqualifications Match (Botched finish aside, it was still pretty darn good).

- Hulk Hogan Vs. Sting in a Street Fight (You all marked out at the end. Don't tell me you didn't!)


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