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Re: Israel Lobbyist suggests False Flag attack to start war with Iran

Originally Posted by The Bad Guy View Post
actually that isn't true.
While he was wrong in using the word "all" in reference to the weapons that they have, they acquire a significant portion from the United States. Whatever they created on their own, such as the Uzi, a large portion of their funding likely came from the United States.

From 2000-2009, the United States government appropriated over $24 billion in defense funding to Israel, delivering more than 670 million weapons. In 2011, the average American taxpayer gave Israel around $22 in weapons. Think about that. An extremely small, violent, immoral settlement of about 8 million people with an average of 83 weapons (not just guns)/person. In comparison, the United States has a population of around 312 million and the FBI estimates that there are probably enough guns in civilian hands, law enforcement, and the military, for each person to have 1 gun. Although considering the FBI's involvement in recent operations like "Fast and Furious", our weapons numbers are probably inflated just a little bit to make any gun owner look like, well, the bad guy.

Israel is armed to the teeth thanks to the US. It's insane.


Originally Posted by Saul GOONman View Post
I disagree with this. The American people are largely apathetic to this kind of stuff. Plus, if Americans were REALLY tired of the wars, it would be Ron Paul vs Barack Obama in this election, and not Obama versus his white, Mormon clone, and Paul would be winning in a landslide.

The vast majority of American people won't wake up until it's too late. They get their news from stations like MSNBC, Fox, and CNN, and all three are pounding the war drums and making the American people think an attack from Iran is imminent. Most of them work 9-5 jobs and don't have time to do their own research, so they rely on the mainstream media to give them the news. The government preys on the ignorance of the public.

Plus, even if the American people were opposed to it, do you really think the government cares about the will of the people?
This is exactly, 100% correct. What an excellent post. Israel's biggest ally is not the American government, but the American people. Evangelical Christians and Catholics are so sympathetic towards Israel and their "plight" to reclaim what's "theirs" due to Israel giving many Catholic Priests and Christian Ministers free trips to the "Holy Land" as part of their strategy to influence a large portion of the United States through the mouths and teachings of a select few. Not to mention that the Israeli Army occupied the site of the Holy Temples in the 6 Day War, which as depicted by the Bible is prophetic of the "end times". Christians and Catholics were/are scared. Then you throw in Israeli lobbyist groups like AIPAC and there you have it.

The mainstream media doesn't make known Israel's bloodthirsty, conniving hypocrisies and often displays them as the victim of Palestinian violence via suicide bombers, car bombs, and the like without making it widely known of Israel's siege of Beirut in 1982, bombing schools, child centers, hospitals, and churches without discrimination or provocation and hush attacks on the United States military such as that of the USS Liberty.

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