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Re: Cena 36 - who's next to carry the company?

those saying Bryan really need a reality check and really need to stop drastically overrating him. yeah... he's been booked in shitty angles and still making it work. don't you think there's a reason for that? the fact that he lost in 18 seconds at Wrestlemania, and since then has been turned into a joke and PPV jobber for faces since then says enough about what Vince thinks about him.

dude's PPV record is incredibly bad. like someone mentioned before, i think before he beat Kane via channeling Kelly Kelly for a roll-up pin, his last singles win was Survivor Series 2010. the guy is an upper midcarder that can make a match work with anyone, and will likely remain there for a while. let alone being the fucking face of the company. not happening.

as for who it will actually be, probably Sheamus. not that he deserves it in the least, but i think it's pretty obvious that they're grooming him for the job. which is a real shame, because he's not really good at... anything. he's painfully awkward on the mic and has a goofy look. he's only passable in the ring, but has garbage stamina. has to be consistently carried by the likes of Bryan, Orton, Del Rio, etc. notice how the only matches Sheamus has that really stand out is with the likes of Tensai. that's who he's on par with wrestling wise... Tensai.

his superman booking is unlike anything i've ever seen. it's legitimately worse than Cena at this point. Sheamus has been put in the Cross armbreaker over 200 times by this point, armbar'd off the stage, knocked out dozens of times by ADR's headkick, has his arm worked on for 15 minutes every match, gets assaulted by a pack of hired goons, has a car hood smashed on his head, gets hit with a fucking shoe in the head, and comes back and doesn't give a shit. there's really no point to ever watching a Sheamus match again, since it's always the exact same, and he's even worse in the ring than Cena. if it ever gets to the point where Sheamus is the face of the company, we're in big fucking trouble.
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