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Re: Sons of Anarchy: Season 5 (Discussion Thread, SPOILERS)

Originally Posted by The Enforcer View Post
Absolutely shocked Opie was killed off. I kind of figured after last season he'd be on a rampage from here on out and kill everything in sight, ultimately getting rid of Clay at season's end. Definitely my favorite character on the show and it's going to be weird not seeing him there even if he had been out of the spotlight a little bit a couple of times.

My only gripe with this show was that it got leaked we'd be seeing a death. Something like that, especially to a major character like Opie, should've been kept a secret. Usually when a storyline like that gets out it's somebody minor so I was figuring Phil, Rat, or maybe Unser would be gone but Opie was mind-blowing.
Exactly what I thought. I expected Opie to be a terminator this season, fucking shit up but all he did was headbutt a police officer (tell me how Opie ended up in the same prison, in the same cell as Jax who was in prison for manslaughter. I mean I can understand they might have been holding them before trial, but if the Charming officer really wanted to mess with the Sons, he could have kept Opie out of jail.) He had so much unfinished business and the truth is, as well as being the strongest endearing character on the show, his unfinished business with Clay is a lot more interesting than Jax's unfinished business with Clay. Jax has known for months Clay killed his real Dad, he almost beat his Mother to death, numerous other shit and despite needing to keep him close, it makes no sense to just go with their story and give Opie nothing.

Opie was one of the strongest aspects of the show, not just his ass-kicking look and demeanor but his character as well. Won't be the same without him, especially now they have turned Tig into a little bitch who will follow Jax (Ultimately leading to him siding with Clay over Jax I'm sure.)

I also agree with the nonsense of releasing there will be a death. Even Phil, Rat or Unser would have been daft to announce beforehand. I feel a bit sad that they went this route, it's not something I expected.

Not only that, but I read an interview with Sutter where he pinpointed what episodes certain things will get sorted out; Juices story, the lady who works in Nero's place and Gemma, Jax and almost everything else. After reading it, I can pick and choose what episodes I watch now which is ridiculous. This should be the last season.

The whole Gemma and Jax's old lady thing is ridiculous as well. Complete 180 in a couple of seasons on Drea Di Matteo's character is pointless. Gemma is a really bad character I have noticed in this season. I just honestly can't get my head around her being this bad-ass milf when she looks like a scarecrow filled with sand wearing silk. I feel like they could have got so much more out of the direction of the character, if she wasn't played by a woman who has had so much surgery, and weren't the wife of the writer/director/creator.

Happy, Juice, Bobby, Unser, Phil, Chibbs have all been complete background this season. As intense as the opener was, looking back we've had that and Opies death with a poor episode in between. Crazy.

The home invasions too, we all know who it is and any swerve in that department will be stupid. It's just a storyline from nowhere.

The only good thing I see in this season is, unless they Fuck it up, Jax's development, but then again we can't see him as the complete protagonist anymore because he isn't. There are no good guys who are big players. I like Nero's character and the woman who works with him, interesting dynamic, and hope that leads somewhere.

The opener was too much looking back, we should have expected something like this. I'm not crying because Opie died, I just think How he died was one of the most cliched things in stories.
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