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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

^^^^ Yup. I said that sometime this week, that the way they've gone about presenting Punk to us for the past 9 months or so, the damage that was done during that time, well, we may be seeing now that the results are unfixable so to speak. They can't promote somebody as second or third best for 9 months and then expect people to believe he's the shit in month 10. It doesn't work like that and in a way, that bit really isn't his fault is it?

Originally Posted by The Sandrone View Post
Punk losing viewers gets brushed under the rug? What alternate universe do you live in, Starbuck?

I don't disagree with your post. This doesn't prove Punk is a "draw", but certainly it proves that he's not an anti-draw which so many spout ridiculously. Punk's incredibly inconsistent, but he can draw big, arguably bigger than anyone else on the roster when put with a big draw (besides another big draw). When he's not with a big draw though, it's split with whether he draws well or not.

Actually, that intrigues me a bit. A few weeks ago I got together all the breakdowns up to that point from this year and saved them. What I'm gonna do for the fuck of it, is gather all the Punk segments where he wasn't with a proven draw (which at this point in WWE I'm only considering Cena, HHH, Rock, Undertaker, Lesnar and maybe Foley... though he's a legend I'm not sure how big of a draw he actually is in this day and age. I'd need to check his segments in breakdowns to see that for myself). I'll have to wait until Friday or Saturday to do it since that's where my laptop is, so if anyone else wants to beat me to it, feel free. I'm interested myself in seeing if he really has never drawn well with a proven draw. The one I was thinking of at first was the Punk "shoot" on Laurinaitis in January a couple of weeks before the Rumble, but then I remembered Foley was there at the end of it and was there for a good enough time where he'd have brought in viewers if he was going to.

But hell, Laurinaitis could be considered a proven draw as well when he was an authority figure because of just that... he was an authority figure.

Then again, today in WWE what really draws exceptionally isn't an individual wrestler, but a great storyline.
By his marks. I'd love to live in a alternate universe where double standards and hypocrisy didn't exist but what fun would that be? I'm pretty sure that when Punk's segments bomb there are no Punk marks to be found in this thread yet if they don't there'll all here proclaiming him as some super draw and having a go at Randy Orton lol.

Did you even read that before you posted it? You basically said Punk can draw when he's with somebody else who draws better than him and if not then he can't lol. What point are you trying to make?

I don't even know why you would want to do all that tbh. Why waste your time? You just said the only people you consider to be draws in WWE right now are Rock, Cena, HHH, Lesnar and Taker. If you want to call Punk a draw then you're putting him up there with these guys and he isn't. It's as simple as that. But hey, if you want to trawl through a bazillion breakdowns to make yourself feel better about Punk's drawing ability then be my guest lol. It still won't prove anything. He isn't consistent, the times he has done really well he's been paired with a bigger name and he has flat out bombed in a few instances too which doesn't help his case. A few months back I remember calling Punk a semi-draw but I'm starting to take that back now tbh. I understand that there is more to consider than just 1 guy and of course, the 3 hour shows aren't helping thing but sooner or later you have to wonder just what it's going to take. I suppose they have one last shot with Rocky heading into the Rumble and if that doesn't work then I really don't know.

@Deso - You are right about the new format and I touched upon that above. The thing is though, this is the way it is now. At the beginning we didn't know how things were going to turn out but by this stage we've been able to establish some patterns etc. This is what Raw is and this is the format in which they have to build their stars now. So far it most certainly isn't working because week after week the losses are coming and coming, especially in the third hour which really is killing them. But when even your main program involving Mr WWE himself John Cena and your invigorated WWE Champion can't pull back the viewers then you're in trouble. HHH is one example but I'm curious to see how other big names will perform when we get them on the show in the coming months. I guess that's the only way we'll be able to know for sure, if it's truly the 3 hour format or if it's the current talent/direction/creative/whatever. If Triple H can still manage to get over 5 million people to watch him then I reckon Rock will be able to best that. If so then what does that tell us? It is still possible but only with the right people.

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