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Re: Bruce Prichard Wants The Knockout Division GONE?

Originally Posted by MTheBehemoth View Post
I love how people are basicly saying that the KO division in 2009-11 was good. Stop lying people. It's been garbage ever since Dutch left.
That was just about three years ago (a shade more.) Yes that seems to be about when things started heading south. Though they did have some nice matches in late '09/early '10. The entertainment factor was starting to ebb though and the new regime souring it with Kong took another step in the wrong direction early on.

Before that though, it was good. And definately not a drag on the product.

Originally Posted by sjones8 View Post
I've been said since day damn one that Bruce Prichard shouldn't have been hired from the get-go.
I don't get his appeal either. The ratings were kind of disappointing to begin with. He's made an iffy situation worse. His appeal to some people or places at wrestling specific net forums doesn't seem to extend well to other demographics.

Anyway the Ko's divsion is a shell of it's former fun self. For that matter, the product in general is pretty mundane whenever I decide to tune in anymore. Much of the midcard might not as well even exist apparently. TNA has made some terrible decisions over the last few years. At this point Prichard seems like another in a line of has been or never should have been creative influencing guys that TNA has acquitted too much power to.

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