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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

The Lariat
Lariatoh! Review's Night of Champions

A lot of work has gone into your PPV and I have to commend you for that. The details you provide are above and beyond so kudos! I really like your format also, it's nicely spaced out and easy to read, with the segments easily identifiable for a new reader like myself and the graphics are awesome. I guess it's something you have perfected over time

I just want to put a few notes on my review/feedback. The first is I'm not the biggest WWE fan. I think they do some great things but just end up ruining them so it makes it hard for me to get invested in their product. Also I'm not a fan of a lot of their roster. Cena, Miz, HHH, Christian it's a long list so I wont bore you, so this will possibly make me "fast forward through some of your ppv, like I do in real life. The second though is your time frame. The Sumer of Punk was a huge missed opportunity for the WWE and I am excited that this is where you are at. I will go back and read/skim your thread to see what you did with it coz I'm sure you have made it way better than the mess we got. So here is the Lariat Breakdown!

1. Regal is the man. Him getting an opportunity at a title shot is great. He deserves a final push of sorts I hope to see that unravel in your future shows.

2. The Tag title scene for me is poor. I remember this time, and I know what you have to work with here isn't good. But a fast fwd for me.

3. Rey Jr. and Ziggler tear the mf'n house down! Epic match and right person won in Ziggler. Great stuff loved it!
Mark Henry wins the WHC! Didn't see that coming in the six pack challenge. Was barracking for the Barrett barrage, but it should be great to see what you do with Henry in the coming shows. Great seeing a title change

4. If Bryan lost that case I would have rioted hahaha. I am very intrigued to see how you will write Bryan moving forward. His character has gone from this stage in the game to what he is now. It is an absolute joy to watch him in real life at the moment and to try and duplicate it, without it being a rip off of what has irl happened, is going to a real challenge I think. Good luck with it. Can't wait to see what you do with him!!!

5. I hate Cena.. your Cena promo was spot on and exactly like he would talk so great work there. Every time he picks up a mic, the things he says drives me insane and for you to do that to me says you have got him down perfectly.

6. HAHAHA brilliant Cena is the 2nd man eliminated marking out!

7. Nash has screwed Punk 3 times now... this is one of the reasons I have to go back and read your thread. And I'm excited to do so.

Overall it was a standard affair, if Nash has attacked Punk several times already it's not a big shocker. Mark Henry's win will change Smackdown, but I'm unsure if winning it this way instead of in a one on one match was the way to go for him. Coming back from that big shot sort of gave him a bit of face booking. But I guess it is part of showing how tough he is. As I'm unfamiliar with your thread I don't know how good Del Rio's reign has been, so I have no comment either way on him retaining. I'm sure your setting up for the eventual Punk win after the Nash feud.

Once again I must commend you on the amount of detail you have put into it. I would have to say there is nothing that you haven't thought of and it really shows on the page.
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