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Re: Avatar Universe Mafia- game thread

Originally Posted by Lord Kratos View Post
Vote: TaylorFitz
Sounds good Miss booger.
Originally Posted by Rush View Post
vote IMP
Originally Posted by Hit-Girl View Post
I'd rather lynch Fitz *of course* but I can get behind this Imp wagon. Sue me.
Lynch IMP
Originally Posted by The Bad Guy View Post
Vote IMP
Originally Posted by Anark View Post
Yeah, let's get it done.
Vote Imp.
though I did a huge multi-quote seconds before, these people (minus hitgirl now) hoped on with no concurrence, "yeah lets get it done"???
Originally Posted by DocBlue View Post
I claimed fast? I thought I was fairly close to hammer, (as did others) as it turned out it was over half of majority which is still around the right amount to force a claim. Don't be stupid.
Were they really arguing? What law is that? How are Clover and Tat confirmed? I'm not saying I find either particularly scummy but I don't know how they're confirmed?
I won't be voting anyone but Fitz until he claims. This is a principle thing.
Vote Fitz
Doc stuck to exactly what he was doing, not defending IMP; I think he is not equalist aligned.
Originally Posted by Big_Man View Post
Vote IMP
Meh. Don't really have any reads so let's see where this goes.
Originally Posted by Ziggler Mark View Post
vote imp
nothing but sheeping then
Originally Posted by dan the marino View Post
Awesome. fwiw I wasn't going to join scum, honest. :kanye I was going to use my role to confirm hopefully-obvious town roles and only jump ship if town was about to sink. Ironically I would've checked McQueen last night.
Anyway I'd vote IMP but that seems to be enough for a claim.
Dan is so wise in his old age. safe to wait, it was at 8 at this point.
Originally Posted by Cloverleaf View Post
It RAWR still at least RAWR votes away from RAWR hammer.
Originally Posted by SheamusO'Shaunessy View Post
10, 1 from hammer!!! why? people have said to wait for a claim.
Originally Posted by Ziggler Mark View Post
waiting for him to claim is overrated
Originally Posted by Lord Kratos View Post
WOW are you fucking kidding me?
2nd post the whole day after sheeping; probably trying to act concerned Zigglermark outed Tat as Town. over reaction, probably scum.

I'd say Fitz needs to claim now since he is being a distraction to too many people; or those people believe him and move on.

Kratos seems scummy to me. Lawls never read back and reported (as Magic pointed out).

vote Fitz
character since people switch sides in this game.
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