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Re: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Striker View Post
I wish it snowed all the time in Dawnstar. I love snow.

LC can you enchant all armor pieces with foritfy marksman( I think thats the name) or just jewelry and bracers?
You can only enchant head, neck, arms, fingers. But you can do two pieces of head gear if you use a falmer mask. So five pieces total that way but four pieces normally. So it would be necklace, ring, circlet, gloves/bracers and falmer mask.

In my current playthrough, Soup, I just did the basics in the Alchemy Tree. Five points in Alchemist and then the point in Physician and then Benefactor.

In a previous playthrough I toyed with the poison part and liked it.

EDIT: Striker, make some fortify Marksman potions to help as well. Pick any of the two, Juniper Berries, Elves Ear, Canis Root and Spider Egg.

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