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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

Originally Posted by Clique View Post
Rock's schedule next year is just ridiculous but I'm sure he will manage and execute like only he can. The kind of promotion Rock can/will bring to the WWE Championship and WrestleMania (Rumble too) is a probably a dream come true for McMahon. However, I can also see McMahon wanted to keep Cena in the middle of that hype and publicity.

Aren't they all. :Rock3
Rock gave Cena the biggest exposure in his career during that year of hype. From mentioning him on talk shows and interviews, to the huge billboard in NYC. Rock carried his face in everything he did this year, and that was an exceptional year for Rock, with everything he touched turned into gold. Vince probably got exactly what he wanted from it and if Rock brings the belt with him to a promotional tour or something like that, it can give the WWE Championship the most value it had since the early 90s.

True, except when Cena reminds you that he still can't take a simple back bump and ruined it :Rock2 Seriously that Rock Bottom he took at SVS 2011 was fucking horrendous, but that night was too special to remember minor things like that.

Toronto February 2003, Hollywood Rock and Booker:
During the opening Rock Promo, Pat Patterson, Gerald Brisco and Shane McMahon were spotted beside the ramp watching his promo.

After Raw went off the air, Booker left ringside as do the Toronto Raptors. Rock takes the mic and calls the Raptors back to the ringside saying the show ain't over. He tells the refs to go get Booker back. After calling him out, he finally shows up. Rock begins to make fun of Booker's name because the crowd couldn't chant it. Booker goes to the ring and Rock congratulates him on winning the match. Rock says that he wants to see Booker do a Spinaroonie. Booker says no so Rock challenges him to a dance off. Booker says he will do the Spinaroonie if Rock leaves the ring cause he doesn't trust Rock. Rock leaves. Booker does the Spinaroonie. Rock comes back and says it is now his turn. After stalling for five minutes and getting ready, he does a weak version of it. As he gets up, he is greeted by Booker T and the Bookend. Booker then goes and gives Rock the People's Elbow and left. Rock is given the mic and he says that the Rock Bottom really hurts. He says that the Rock is still the People's Champion, which got a big pop. He then goes to say "If ya' smell..." but stops and says he can't do that anymore, he is now a bad guy. So Rock gets out of the ring and goes to the first row, where it appears as if he met a Make-A-Wish Foundation fan and said, "is cooking." Crowd popped big for that.
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