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Re: Avatar Universe Mafia- game thread

Imp was busy tuning up his bloodbending work when all of a sudden he felt a sword run though his guts. he fell off the sword and died.

He was

Spoiler for imp:
Congratulations you are

Yakone-Eqaulist Aligned

After being sentanced to lifetime imprisonment for using bloodbending to commit crimes, you escape and get some plastic surgery to look like a Water bender. eventually father two kids, Tarrlok and Amon. To nobodies surprise you were a terrible father, forcing your kids to learn bloodbending and even telling them to use it on one another. All this in hopes you can one day get back at the Avatar. Because you are a bloodbender you can stop people from attacking. Making you the Bodygaurd Every night you can tell me the name of someone you want to protect and it will happen

Here is your qt

You win when all threats to the Equalist are eliminated or you control 50% of the vote.

good luck

Lady Croft/Hitgirl. had had enough of this bloodshed and wanted those alligned with the avatar to have at least one night where they didn't have to sleep with one eye open. so she went to the moon spirit and prayed for it to take the life it helped give in exchange for the Avatar's safety. her prayers were answered. she fell dead. Town was safe for that night.

Spoiler for lc:
Congratulations, you are

Princess Yue Avatar Aligned

You are the princess of the Northern Water Tribe. during the shows season 1 finale you sacrifice yourself to help restore the moon spirit after the Fire Nation had killed it. This makes you The Sacrifice. Once this game you can voluntarily sacrifice yourself and all the remaining town players will be immune from killing roles for that night.

You win when all threats to The Avatar are eliminated.

Good Luck

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