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Re: Am I the only one disappointed with Austin Aries?

Originally Posted by ErrybodyTaps View Post
A lot bigger ?

Yeah no, that's simply an exaggeration.

And who cares about the HOF or what previous companies they have worked for, it doesn't take away from a guys in and out of ring abilities and whether they are deserving of being champions or in the main event at BFG. A talented wrestler is a talented wrestler despite where he came from. And great feuds don't have to have titles involved, this has been proven a thousand times over.

The more you post, the more obvious it becomes that your calling him a spot monkey and not having "it" are just because of your anger and personal feelings on things that are well behind us. The current creative team has proven they could give a rats ass what has happened or what Aries has said in the past. All that matters is where his allegiance is currently and that is with TNA. And he has put the World Title, the X-Division title and the entire company over big this year. He doesn't suck in the ring or on the mic, he didn't need to drop the title back to Roode nor should he be let go from TNA. What he has needed is TNA to fully stay behind him as champion, and to book him in the forefront and make their champion matter.

I LOVE how upset you all get. That i am not a fan of a guy who sucks in the ring and on the mic. He is not a talented wrestler at all. He is a spot monkey and has no "it" about him .

The ratings have shows this. Cry all you will about the NFL , but TNA has had a 1.3-1.4 head to head with the NFL on Thursday nights. Don't cry about the move to 8PM . Stop sanding by a guy who just don't have "it"!

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