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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

Why I don't get invited to weddings. My gift to all grooms. Wait til you see how I gift the Brides..

Money Rock Bottom.

Originally Posted by Clique View Post
If WWE ever does an Unreleased DVD set for The Rock they should include a bunch of footage/segments like this as well as the rarer matches. They already did one for Hogan, ECW, and apparently Bret is getting one next so one for the Rock would be money.
That would be great. I really don't know why they're not putting more of these segments on DVDs. Especially when they finally did a Rock documentary. Unreleased concept is great but there's still a lot of material for Rock in documentary segments. I felt that his Journey doc was 30 minutes too short(Still one of the best docs they have ever done, same with Rock/Cena). They covered almost everything but they could have done it with more depth. Still, would love to see another DVD next year, and finally some off-air footage for Rock. All the segments he did in 1999-2004 were awesome just from reading them. There's one awesome segment between Rock and Booker T in Toronto 2003, the night Rock came back to RAW and did his memorable heel promo, Rock then leading the audience to chant for a kid or something, things like that should have been on DVDs years ago.

There's also the memorable Taker/Spinaroonie rib they did to him in 2002.

When cameras stopped rolling, the real fun started. Taker told Booker T that the people came here to see the Spinaroonie. After Booker did it, he told Taker that these people came here to see the Takeroonie! Undertaker told him it's gimmick infringement and he didn't want to butcher Booker's move. The Rock went back to the ring and told Taker to do the Takeroonie. Undertaker didn't want to do it and then HHH came out and wanted Taker to do the move! The Un-Americans came out as well and said they're out here to see UT embarrass himself doing the Takeroonie. Despite everyone telling him to do it, Taker said no....and 'No Chance In Hell' hit the speakers and the man himself came out. Vince McMahon told Taker that he has the grapefruits to do it! Booker showed Vince how to do the Vincaroonie and McMahon follows with a poorly done spinaroonie. Triple H got on the mic and told Vince that he's officially the whitest person on the face of the planet! Goldust then told Taker what do to, but Vince cuts him off and told UT that the people saw the Vincaroonie, the Fagaroonie and now it's time to see the Takeroonie. Undertaker just stood back and chuckled. HHH then told UT that he has the balls to do it, and Triple H performs a Tripleroonie only to be welcomed by a Taker chokeslam. The Un-Americans hit the ring but Taker chases them up the ramp with his bike to a loud chorus of boos from the crowd. Triple H then said that we still didn't see a Rockaroonie and Rock asks the crowd if they want to see it. The Rock did the Rockaroonie and Triple H tried to jump The Rock but Rocky gets him in the Rock Bottom and also delivered the People's Elbow. As Rock, Booker and Goldust leave, Triple H gets back on the mic and told him - while laughing - that he hated him! A good 30 minute showdown with a huge rib on the Undertaker by everyone in the ring.
After Raw went off the air, Undertaker talked about an ass kicking the UnAmericans will be dealt, courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue during SummerSlam.

Undertaker told Booker T that what the people in Seattle wanted to see is the Spinaroonie, so Booker T should give to us what we want. Booker did the Spinaroonie, and we, the crowd, all marked out.

Booker T said he wanted to see the Undertaker do the Spinaroonie, and we went nuts. Taker stalled and stalled, then the Rock came back out to get Undertaker to do the move. He says that the crowd wanted to see the Taker-roonie.

Triple H came out and delivered one the best quotes of the segment. He said he was coming down to the ring, since he wanted to see this up close. Triple H told Taker, "I've seen 12 years of Dead Man Walking, and now I want to see one damned night of Dead Man Spinning!" Triple H said he was not going to mess with Rock, as seeing the Taker doing the Spinaroonie is "serious stuff." He said that Taker had the balls to do the Spin-a-roonie, but Rock did not. Taker continued to stall.

The Un-Americans came out, and they stopped at the bottom of the ramp as Booker and Goldust got riled up. The Rock went down to meet them and told them that since they're in the USA, they've got two choices: (a) get their monkey asses whooped, or (b) watch Taker do the Spinaroonie with the rest of us. Triple H came down and gave the mic to Test, who said they just came down to watch Undertaker embarrass himself.

Triple H and Rock climbed back inside the ring. They continue to prod Taker to do the move, and they continued to joke about testicular fortitude. Triple H says that for 12 years, Taker has had balls, but tonight... no balls. Triple H said that he'll do a Triple-H-aroonie. Rock then says he'd do a Rock-a-roonie, if Taker does a Taker-roonie and Triple H does a Triple-H-a-roonie.

Speaking of balls... Vince McMahon came out to a huge pop. Vince climbed inside the ring, strutted around, and said that he'd do the Vince-a-roonie. Triple H asked if that's the same thing as a Mac-a-roonie (insert groan here).

Vince did the Vince-a-roonie, which was so bad it was great. Triple H said, "Vince, you are the whitest man on the planet." Taker still stalled. Goldust did one that was actually very good. Taker stalled some more. Vince said, "Hey, I did the Vince-a-roonie, you saw the Fag-a-roonie..." Goldust got upset and kicked the ropes.

Taker still stalled, then Triple H decided that he had the balls to do it. He started doing it, but then looked as if he was going to attack Taker, who moved out of the way. They stared each other down, then Triple H did the Triple-H-aroonie, and was then Chokeslammed by Taker. The Un-Americans ran to the ring and fought with Taker, Booker T, and Goldust. Test ran up the ramp, and Taker chased after him on the motorcycle.

Rock asked Triple H if Taker broke his neck-a-roonie. Triple H says that he's not playing, that he's in pain, but he still hasn't seen the Rock-a-roonie. Rock got ready, the music hit, and Rock did the Rock-a-roonie. Triple H went to attack Rock, only to be met with the Rock Bottom. Rock looked down at Triple H and motioned to the crowd, polling them as to whether he should do the People's Elbow. The crowd went nuts, and Rock hit it on Triple H.
Plenty of crazy/funny shit like that over the years. I would love to see the Rock/Mankind/Austin segments in early 1999 with Rock drinking beer and taking 5-6 Stunners every week while bumping and selling them like crazy.

WWE Superstar and Hollywood actor Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson has landed a new role under "Men in Black" director Barry Sonnenfield, based on the graphic novel "Lore". IGN confirmed the pairing earlier today.

"Lore" was written by T.P. Louise and illustrated by her husband, Australian artist Ashley Wood, who has done work with several other projects including "Metal Gear Solid", "Doom 2099" and more.
The Rock is an untouchable workhorse and his position in the movie industry is rising rapidly every year. There's a big chance to top $36 million in 2013. He's The GOAT already in one industry, on his way to do it in the Action genre on a much bigger platform and it's great to see.

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