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Re: TNA 2009: The Turning Point

I really liked TNA at this point in time, so I'm really glad to see you guys taking it on like this. All of the Hogan/Bischoff crap ruined it for me and ultimately stopped me from watching TNA altogether.

Kicking things off with Cornette was nice here and good to see him back in control; he was an awesome authority figure for TNA. Nothing too special with what Cornette said but it did the job that it needed to do. Foley being the GM of the X-Division is awesome to say the least and I know Jamjam is going to have a lot of fun with him at the helm. One helluva match for the first episode of Xplosion and I can't wait for that one. Christopher Daniels is one of the superior beings on this planet so him coming out and interrupting is cool. I liked what he said, and I wouldn't be against him having a shot at AJ. Daniels vs Angle main event is awesome, glad to see you aren't holding back with this first show. Opening promo started off a little slow, but as Foley came it it went up a notch and it went up another after Daniels came in; solid start to the show.

Nice Six-Man Tag to give a little preview of what is going to be coming on Xplosion with all of the X-Division guys. The ending was awesome with all of the finishers; I liked the spot fest here. The Canadian Destroyer needs to be used at least once a show okay?! Such an awesome move. Senshi was just dominant but I expect all of these guys wanting to stake a claim at Homicide. Good iMPACT match, very realistic. Would have defo got the crowd going, so nice thinking in putting this out as the first match.

The promo from Wolfe before the match was really good; and I'm sure that this isn't the end for him and Angle which is always going to be a good thing. The match itself was well done; good to see you not just jobbing Morgan out and making the match pretty even, with it looking like either man could have gotten the win. A big scalp for Wolfe to claim coming off the defeat to Angle and definitely brings his momentum right back up there. I hope that Morgan is able to bounce back from this loss quickly, as he's a really good guy to have on the roster and he should be floating around the main event scene given how much he had improved at this point in time.

Nice to see AJ's conflicting emotions here towards Daniels, but I guess once Daniels stabs him in the back some how he'll see the light.

The Tag Team Division was awesome at this time, and these four teams were great to see all fighting for the title. The match itself was good, and Team 3D interfering was a nice touch. The table spots were awesome... gotta love dem tables. I noticed how the British Invasion just didn't get involved once 3D were out there in the ring, typical heel champion cliche that you got down really well, but with tehm being shaken by it is good also. Really interesting match for next week and that is also really creative; I'm thinking that Roode and Sabin won't be able to fully put their differences aside and 3D will get the win. Agree with Calum that it did seem a little too soon for another commercial here.

The Joe interview before the match was good to hype up with match with Steiner, just playing into how important it is for Joe. Steiner on the mic is the best thing in TNA, and the Sloppy Joe stuff just had me going great job with that bit. I thought that Lashley would make an appearance here and yeah I was right. The Lashley/Steiner match surprised me irl actually as I was sure that Lash was going to get the win, but Steiner pulled it out of the bag. Good to see Lash getting his revenge here, and I don't see why these two shouldn't stop feuding at this point. A good win for Joe and making Steiner tap does wonders for him. I hope that he is just able to get a few more wins under his belt until he's able to contend for the title again, because a AJ/Joe match would be awesome to watch.

Some eerie stuff here from Raven, and I'd definitely be up for seeing him go at it with Sting. This has probably been the best part of the show so far; you wrote this character for Raven really well and I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes. Great job here man

Meh Knockouts... good to see Tara winning the title though.

Epic match for the main event. I knew you were an awesome match writer and I'm glad that you decided to do this match in full, because it was always going to be a corker and I'm glad it delivered. It really could have gone either way, but I always had the suspicion that Wolfe was going to get stuck in, and yeah he did. Angle actually having the match won with Daniels tapping is another different element that adds a little twist to it all and does give Angle a claim for a shot in the future. My only problem is that this is now the third match out of six that has involved some form of outside interference; that's my only gripe about the entire show actually. But nonetheless you've set up a couple of big matches with Daniels now moving on to Styles and Angle/Wolfe looking likely to face off again. Good job here.

For a first show, this was really well done man. Nice to see you carrying on from Turning Point smoothly and not drastically changing everything, allowing the thread to be your own though. As I said the only gripe was the three interferences, but the Raven promo and the main event really made up for that and more. I really look forward to seeing your next iMPACT now bring on Xplosion, Jam!
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