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Re: The current Diva's storyline

Originally Posted by moonmop View Post
I don't get ol' Vince. The divas go like 6 weeks without even being seen and now they're on 3 shows a week, and basically all of them too.

Strange old bastard.
The Divas roster for the most part just doesn't seem very interesting to me. I guess that's all because I was away from the WWE action for a while so I'm still just so used to Lita, Stratus, Jazz, etc. I guess this is just Vince's weird way of trying to make the divas more than something to look at.

Originally Posted by Scrotey Loads View Post
I don't know why Layla is all indignant about the situation. She lost fairly, no? Isn't her wanting so badly to have faced Kaitlyn over Eve kind of an insult to Kaitlyn (it's like saying she wouldn't have lost her title if she fought Kaitlyn). It's best not to use your brain when it comes to the Divas. Stick to using your bladder.
My only other guess, besides Layla not thinking she'd lose to Kaitlyn, is that she's just upset that someone else who wasn't meant to face her had taken the title away. I dunno.
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