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Re: Why be a real sport's fan when you can just...

Originally Posted by BULLY View Post
Sorry bud

Originally Posted by Samantha™ View Post
So?? Who cares?? It's not like I'm super loyal to the point of buying season tickets, buying merch, and other things that loyal fans do.I could like what ever the hell I want to like.The rule for not switching teams is stupid because not everybody follows it.The main reason why I stopped liking the raiders is because they remind me too much of my ex who was a huge Raiders fan(Not the one from facebook) and we ended on a really bad note, and I didn't want to put that out there for everyone to know.I really don't care what anyone thinks, I just think it was a f'ed to put me on the spot because I come here to talk about wrestling and to meet other wrestling fans.But between work and school I really don't have time to debate pointless things like why I should be loyal to my team no matter what.Between that asshole getting my number and you guys hating on me for pointless crap, I don't think I should come to here anymore.I would feel bad if I had to leave but I do what I have to do.
Then you're a fucking cunt. It's called loyalty to a team, and your pitiful, 'poor me,' excuses are stupid and befitting of your character.

you're an unloyal bitch who flipflops their opinion based on their latest mood. Yesterday you were e-riding Mystical's dick, and now he's an asshole? Brilliant Sammy, brilliant.

Leaving? Someone is gotten to.

Originally Posted by BULLY View Post
Nobody hates you Samantha, well I don't anyway. In fact I've stuck up for you on more than one occasion. It's only a big deal if you make it a big deal, stop getting your knickers in a knot.

Skyfall: As I said earlier in the thread, this isn't just about Samantha, I just used her as an example. I just don't see the point in following a team just because they're winning, you might as well not even bother. I guess one point I was trying to make is when people desert a team due to lack of success, it hurts the club as a whole and sometimes they go under. I've seen that happen with clubs here in Australia.
The Dragons in the NRL are a great example - winning streak and their grounds are full, see their cunt fans populating away grounds all the time. Losing streak and shit season, like this year, and the 'fans' stop showing up and leave their grounds near empty.
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