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1995: WWF vs WCW - The Monday Night Wars Begin

WWF 1995: The New Generation

Diesel Power
On November 26, 1994, Big Daddy Cool Diesel won the WWF Title by defeating Bob Backlund. Since then Diesel has become a fighting champion defeating many stars. Now as we head into the year 1995 at the Royal Rumble, The leader of the new WWF Generation Diesel will be defending his title against former WWF Champion Bret The Hitman Hart. Last week on the December 26, 1994 episode of Raw, Diesel humiliated Jerry the King Lawler on the King's Court and then Diesel turned his attention to Shawn Michaels who was doing commentary. Diesel said he's doing a lot better without HBK and Big Daddy Cool is going to be champion for a long time. HBK vows that he will win the Royal Rumble and if Diesel remains champion then HBK will take the title off him. This week on the first edition of Monday Night Raw for 1995, The Excellence of Excecution, Bret the Hitman Hart will be the guest on the King's Court.

The Road to the Royal Rumble continues
The Road to the Royal Rumble is certainly heating up and the crown jewel of the Million Dollar Corporation Lex Luger is one of the odds on favourite to win the Royal Rumble. Last year's co-winner Lex Luger has been on a roll ever since he joined The Million Dollar Corporation at SummerSlam by defeating Tatanka. Then at Survivor Series when The Million Dollar Team faced Tatanka's team, Luger was the sole survivor. Now Luger heads into 1995 and he has set his sights on winning the Royal Rumble again. At the Rumble, former Rumble winner the mighty Yokozuna will also be returning back to action in the Rumble match. Yokozuna will make his return next week to Monday Night Raw on the King's Court. We will also see the return of the voodoo master Papa Shango. Following Survivor Series, Owen Hart continued his feud with The British Bulldog and they will square off at The Royal Rumble.

The new tag team champions The Heavenly Bodies have been on a roll ever since they won the tag team tournament 2 weeks ago when they defeated The Smoking Gunns. The Bodies nailed Bart with Jim Cornette's tennis racket across the neck putting Bart out of action for some time. Bart will be back at The Royal Rumble as the Smoking Gunns will receive their rematch at The Royal Rumble.

Clowning Around
In 1994 Doink the Clown who made kids laugh ended up making kids cry again. It all began when Doink lost a match against Yokozuna in June. Doink was out of action for a month and when he returned, Jerry Lawler started stirring up trouble between Doink and Dink on The King's Court. Lawler thinks Dink has held Doink back, he used to be funny when he made kids cry but when he made kids laugh Doink became a failure. A few weeks later Doink started behaving strangely in matches and then Doink and Dink were again guests on The King's Court. Doink ended up turning on poor Dink and that was the end of Dink. Doink ended up going back to his sadistic ways playing sick pranks on fans and superstars. Following SummerSlam, Doink would progressively become more and more evil. Doink came down to the ring during an Undertaker match and started staring down Paul Bearer. Doink sprays something in Paul Bearer's eyes and starts laughing up the ramp wildly. Over the next few weeks Doink freaks Paul Bearer out at ringside during Undertaker's matches causing The Undertaker to lose some matches via count out. Doink managed to steal the urn off Paul Bearer and put it in a box. Doink even got involved in Undertaker's match at Survivor Series against Yokozuna by appearing in the casket, he tried to use the urn by nailing The Undertaker with it but it backfired as Doink was chased away by Chuck Norris. Paul Bearer now has the urn again. The next night Doink then performs a trick and makes Paul Bearer disappear from a box as Doink laughs wildly.

Over the next few weeks Doink continued to play mind games against The Undertaker. There would be promos of Doink in a circus and Undertaker in the cemetery sending a warning message to Doink. Doink is a guest again on Jerry Lawler's King's Court. Doink gives the reason why he's been messing around with The Undertaker. Doink says Undertaker is a phony, everyone thinks Undertaker can not be hurt, he thinks he's not human and Doink said he enjoyed playing pranks on The Undertaker. He enjoys playing mindgames with The Undertaker. Doink said Undertaker is not the most dangerous man in the WWF because the most dangerous man in the WWF is Doink. Not only is he unpredictable, he can be funny and he can be sadistic. Later that night in an Undertaker match, Doink came down to ringside and played another prank by throwing water in Undertaker's hat. Doink starts laughing wildly. Undertaker got counted out as he went after Doink who managed to escape.

The following week Doink again interferes during an Undertaker match but Undertaker manages to get his hands on Doink. Undertaker tries to pull Doink's mask off until a second Doink appears and saves Doink. The two Doinks assaulted The Undertaker. Jerry Lawler who is on commentary calls it an illusion. The following week President Jack Tunney told Doink that last year he made a ruling that there will only be one Doink. He warned Doink if he sees another Doink in the WWF then Doink will be suspended. He also announced that Doink will face The Undertaker at The Royal Rumble. Later on during a Doink match, Paul Bearer made his return as he was reunited with The Undertaker. Doink was so stunned and the lights went out and The Undertaker was right behind him. Undertaker dropped Doink with a tombstone and said at The Royal Rumble, Doink will Rest In Peace. Last week on Raw, Doink vows that he will get revenge on The Undertaker. He will show The Undertaker the real dark side. Both men excel in playing mind games and what a showdown this will be at The Rumble.

WWF Champion: Diesel | Since 26/11/94
WWF Intercontinental Champion: Razor Ramon | Since 29/8/94
WWF Tag Team Champions: The Heavenly Bodies |Since 19/12/94

1-2-3 Kid | Adam Bomb | Aldo Montoya | Bart Gunn | Bam Bigelow | Billy Gunn | Bob Holly | Bret Hart | British Bulldog | Bushwhacker Butch | Bushwhacker Luke | Eli Blu | Diesel | Doink the Clown | Duke Droese | Fatu | Hakushi | Henry Godwinn | Irwin R. Schyster | Jacob Blu | Jeff Jarrett | Jerry Lawler | Jimmy Del Ray | King Kong Bundy | Kwang | Lex Luger | Mable | Mantaur | Man Mountain Rock | Mo | Mr. Bob Backlund | Nikolai Volkoff | Owen Hart | Papa Shango | Razor Ramon | Seone | Shawn Michaels | Steven Dunn | Sycho Sid | Tatanka | The Roadie | The Undertaker | Timothy Well | Tom Pritchard | Yokozuna |

Current PPV Schedule
Royal Rumble | January 22, 1995 | Tampa, Florida
WrestleMania XI | April 2, 1995 | Hartford, Connecticut
King of the Ring | June 25, 1995 | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
SummerSlam | August 27, 1995 | Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
Survivor Series | November 19, 1995 | Landover, Maryland

Upcoming PPV Event

January 22nd 1995, Tampa, Florida

30 Man Royal Rumble Match
Winner gets title shot at WrestleMania XI
The Undertaker, Lex Luger, Yokozuna, Bob Backlund, Shawn Michaels, The British Bulldog, Razor Ramon, Owen Hart, Jeff Jarrett, Bam Bam Bigelow, The 123 Kid, Hakushi, Tatanka, Rick Martel, Crush, King Kong Bundy, I.R.S, Doink, Adam Bomb, Man Mountain Rock, The Roadie, Henry Godwinn, Kwang, Duke the Dumpster Droese, Aldo Montoya, The Headshrinkers, Men on a Mission and Papa Shango

WWF Title Match
Diesel (c) vs Bret Hart

Owen Hart vs The British Bulldog

The Undertaker vs Doink The Clown

Tag Team Title Match
The Heavenly Bodies (c) vs Smoking Gunns

TV Shows
WWF Mania has been cancelled and The Action Zone is a highlights show recapping Raw, Superstars and Challenge. Only one tv show will be written out which will be Raw. The other shows (Superstars and Wrestling Challenge) will be posted as quick results and if needed I will mention the important notes from the shows. PPVs will be in full detail.

I'm back with a new btb. 1995 was one of the worst years in WWF history. Terrible ppvs, horrible gimmicks and the WWF was running on Diesel power. Yep that one year long reign. Financially it was just a bad year for the WWF. I've decided to book the year 1995 by improving it. Expect to see monthly In Your House ppvs being added to the ppv schedule following WrestleMania. In my backstory I've made a few changes as Luger and Doink go heel, they were way better as heels. I really wanted to see an Undertaker/Doink feud, so I'm booking it in my btb. Tatanka remains face, his heel run was terrible. Also Kwang would turn face, Nikolai Volkoff would be kicked out of the Corporation and he turns face. I liked The Kama supreme fighting machine gimmick but I've decided to bring Papa Shango back instead, you will soon find out why in this thread. Newcomer Man Mountain Rock will be making his ppv debut at the Rumble. The Women's division has been scrapped as Alundra Blayze & Bull Nakano have been released. Sid will make his WWF return in February. I disliked the 1995 Royal Rumble match, very short Rumble, way too many jobbers. Expect to see a better version of the Rumble match in this thread. The first show will be up soon, have fun reading.

WWE 2004: The Road to WrestleMania 21
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