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Re: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Discussion Thread

I was one shotting everything when playing on ps3 and once adding Power Shot Draugr Deathlords were helpless. I used the conjuration bow though. If u didnt know the arrows are actually daedric arrows, the strongest arrows in the game( havent seen dragon arrows yet) so its basically sn unlimited supply of them. I have quiet casting so could summon it without being spotted and quick shot which makes me feel like im using a machine gun lol since I can fire arroe after arrow very fast. Add in all the gear and bam unstoppable..

Hell I even one shotted a dragon one time. Had to take a potion though. Was amazing lol. I shot it while sneaking and hit it so it woke up and flew but I didnt see its health all it did was crash land in front of me and I felt so awesome.

And duel weild with elemental fury sounds beastly really. My whole issues with ALL my playthroughs is I couldn't use the shout because later I enchant all my weapons lol. havent done so yet in my 360 playthrough though. And my character always has to look badass. Always loved wearing the nightingale or daedric gear with the Ebony Mail I looked great, plus I always have to match. Once I go glass armor I will only use Glass Arrows to match everything. Dont know how LC does it wearing so many different stuff including the hideous Falmer helmet I only wear it when making potions

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