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Originally Posted by Emotion Blur View Post
Yeah, it was messed up about 5 seconds in when they couldn't even get his pyro to go off at the right time (I assume they're just using his current entrance set-up, but it's still an error). It doesn't even feel like Kane is walking to the ring though, it may as well just be "generic big man" entrance.

Some other notes (yes it's nitpicking and borderline whining, but THQ deserve every bit of criticism):
-Was Kane's primary finisher in the AE the chokeslam? I seem to remember the Tombstone being his finisher most of the time, but I could be recalling incorrectly.

-I know HHH's hair looks a little light at times, but was it ever that f***ing blonde? Also, good to see his character model isn't changed at all (he's still ripped and huge even though he looked nothing like that in 1997-98)

-What in the blue hell is up with Shamrock's ankle lock? No facial expression at all, just him rotating his head oddly. The whole thing about the ankle lock is that he made you think he was going to snap someones leg in half in a fit of rage.

Sorry THQ, but as close as I came to pre-ordering the game, the footage that's been provided has convinced me that WWE 13 is just the shit that was WWE 12 covered in Attitude Era-flavored sprinkles (which is a damn shame). The moves are looking uglier and more stiff by the year (along with character models), most everything seems to be recycled, and I have a feeling that gameplay-wise, it's literally the same (which means endless CPU reversals--made 12 absolutely unplayable).
Looks like you need to tone down the difficultly.

Hopefully the DLC moves are in the game, like the Chokeslam and the An Cole Lock. If both are in, then I'm giving Shamrock and Swagger the An Cole Lock, and Kane and Taker the DLC Chokeslam. The Chokeslam they currently have in the game was from a match between Gregory Helms and Undertaker back in 2007.

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