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Re: Official Battle Rap Thread (KOTD, URL, DF, GT etc)

By the way, I've seen the line up so far for Don't Flop's 4th anniversary dates in October and its seriously shaping up to be one of if not the best card DF have ever produced, this is what has been announced so far:

*Title Match* O'Shea vs Tony D
DNA vs Sensa
Arsonal vs Shotty Horroh
O-Red vs Unanymous
Blizzard vs Rone
Daylyt vs Dialect
*THFM Side B final* Carloss vs Villun

Looks really good thus far. Mark Grist also sent out a tweet recently stating he's on the card for the event and has his toughest opponent yet. I really hope he has got a really dope opponent because he deserves it after the bullshit he went through with Zain Azrai aka no talented Malaysian prick. Anyway here are one's I've already got predictions for:

O'Shea vs Tony D: This could go either way. I really don't rate Tony D, he has some clever and intricate schemes but his delivery is poor and he has no presence. His performance is lacking. O'Shea is obviously most known for his stage presence, his performance and his comedy. So its down to whether Tony can out scheme him or O'Shea can out perform him. But I think O'Shea will edge him out and remain champion 2-1, perhaps 3-0 even.

DNA vs Sensa: DNA has faced an opponent of Sensa's style already in Dizaster. Sensa will come hard and give DNA a good battle but DNA I reckon will just out think and scheme him. Going with DNA 2-1

Arsonal vs Shotty Horroh: If you watch Shotty's battle with Fingaz you will see Shotty can really go in when he tries and produces some really ill and intricate bars and schemes. Plus his performance of course is top level. I really hope he beats or even bodybags Arsonal because I can't stand the guy and think he's a complete Diva bullshitter. However I can't see him overcoming Arsonal. Arsonal is just a level above shotty overall and with the experience edge will take it probably 3-0 edging out each round.

Blizzard vs Rone: I'm seriously looking forward to this. Huge fan of Blizzard's, guy is a beast at his best. Rone I think personality wise is a prick but as far as his battling, I'm a huge fan too. Entertaining as fuck. This will be really close but I'm edging my prediction to Rone slightly 2-1. I just think it will come to performance and Rone will edge him out.

Daylyt vs Dialect: Dialect hasn't battled too much but those who have seen will know that the guy can go. He is very talented, can deliver bars, is witty and clever and has intricate schemes. Daylyt I've only seen a little off but at his best is a beast as well. I think it will be down to Daylyt's approach: if he takes a clever approach and really takes apart Dialect in a way that is clever and well thought out, this will go to Daylyt. If he however goes to the generic URL route of gunbars, Dialect will destroy him. Daylyt's gun bars for the most part are really generic and are forced. I have a feeling though Daylyt will take this 2-1.

Villun vs Carloss: 2 of the best newcomers in DF, both are dope. Villun has some mad wordplay and intricacy, and is also very good at flipping and freestyling. Carloss on the other hand also can deliver really clever schemes and wordplay but also is a very good performer and has good presence. This will be tight but if both of them come at their best, I think Villun will just edge him out 2-1.

I know this was extremely long but I hope you enjoyed reading it haha.

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