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Re: Avatar Univers Mafia- game thread

Originally Posted by dan the marino View Post
McQueen checks out.
So... both Titania and Kenny have post restrictions? I have no idea who they'd be, only pr I was thinking of was the Cabbage Guy.
questions PRs
Originally Posted by Skyfall View Post
Your right McQueen, I'm with you on that one (being a miller)
unvote McQueen

As much as I like Kenny, I think it's a fake PR.
vote Kenny
I vote Kenny

Originally Posted by Skyfall View Post
so, is all you can post jiberrish and then vote? I've never seen a real town drunk before, this would be a first for me.
Tat later said he wasn't a town drunk
Originally Posted by Magic View Post
vote doc
stop playing awful.
mcqueen's character/flavour makes sense. thought Zuko would have gotten a better role, but he was a bitch for 2/3 of the series.
I would love character claims from the three people that have prs as I've seen the show multiple times and have no fucking idea who they are.
first vote on Doc
Originally Posted by Skyfall View Post
You guys are all doing a fantastic job, but I would like to know more about Kenny's PR. Is that what a town drunk is?
Tat answered
Originally Posted by King Kenny View Post
snjfgsdhsdfsohsdfhsdufsfusdosgfsdfgosdfsunvote vote docefiewuorgurwdbudbfigrrrt234r
yep, hoping on after a strong (seems town, duh) vote. Kenny just following town.
Originally Posted by King Kenny View Post
Originally Posted by Anark View Post
I think his PR is that his posts are only allowed to make as much sense as Kenny Dalglish's post-match interviews.
question's the PRs
Originally Posted by DocBlue View Post
Fair enough. My logic is correct but i'd probably be pissed if someone refused to claim so i'm a 1 shot Governor. Can't use it on myself though so don't worry about this lynch not going through. Fitz has set a precedent in this game where people don't have to fully claim though so I won't be finishing off my claim.
My effort in games is going to tank after this.
your claim after I think it was 5 votes. I don't get frustrated when people won't claim, unless it's near hammer. The old, "I'll claim tomorrow" is bullshit.
Originally Posted by King Kenny View Post
I think this is confirming Doc is town, almost.

So, not many people questioned Kenny's PR. also, I don't have a PR, just an added thing I can throw in.

Let's keep up the good work!
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