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Re: How does Cena do it?

Cena's just a walking, talking advertisement/propaganda machine. I mean this is a guy who says things like, 'I don't care what people think' yet he goes out of his way to pander to the crowd of every town that he's in, it's absolutely disgusting. CM Punk was right, Cena doesn't use Ruthless Aggression anymore. He uses Passive Aggression. You didn't see Stone Cold Steve Austin kissing the crowd's ass every time he went out there, or reminding people of the countless selfless deeds he does to help those in need. People just genuinely liked him. The same goes for The Rock. Cena, though, constantly tries to win the crowd over. Constantly tells us all how hard he works. Constantly berates us with his noble causes. He even tries to make the crowd gain SYMPATHY for him. I couldn't believe he tries the whole, 'My future in WWE is in jeopardy...I might not be coming back for a loong time...' which also reminded me of the night after he fought Brock Lesnar...'I'm gonna be leaving for a while, taking a short break...' then shows up the NIGHT AFTER Extreme Rules like nothing happened. Oh, what about that time when he was facing The Rock? 'If I lose to you at Wrestlemania 28...I LOSE EVERYTHING...' I'm still waiting to see what 'everything' means to Cena.

See, this is what Cena does. Unlike Steve Austin and The Rock who understood the crowd, who "naturally" drew cheers by letting the crowd be what they want to be, Cena uses these ridiculous manipulation tactics to try to elicit a response from the fans. He's been doing this for a while now, and it doesn't change because weak-minded adults and kids who don't know better actually gobble it up. That's all that is IMO....pure manipulation. I'm not gonna lie, there are times when I want to cheer him because of a promo he cuts, or something he says that sparks a reaction. But when he does things in a blatant attempt to get cheered, it's too much, man...
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