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Re: How does Cena do it?

Didn't Alex Riley get depushed for confronting or something like that to John Cena because he was being a jerk?

Anyways I don't think WWE should use rise above *insert word* as his slogan he is asking to be booed. I disagree with Cena using the cancer thing to get cheers, I think it is a pathetic attempt to get the crowd to cheer you which is basically saying " if you boo me you like cancer" which is not true. In conclusion, using a gimmick such as make a wish or cancer just to get over with the fans or cheers is not the greatest thing to do for a company.

Now Cena needs a complete character change, he has done the same thing since 2006, but unfortunatly as long as the kids don't get tired of him and he keeps Mcmahon happy, I don't think we will see a character change for Cena.

Also why is Cena getting another title shot? He lost on RAW 1000, SS and NOTC. I think it is time for new blood to get their shot at the title not just Cena

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