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Re: Newly formed tag team.

Originally Posted by Nostalgia View Post
I don't really like this. Sandow's too good to be held down in a tag team, especially with someone so mediocre like Rhodes. Sandow's character is a unique one that shines on his own and he won't be as great when he has to share the spotlight with someone else. In my opinion, WWE have enough tag teams right now and they're building the division nicely, I just don't think they need to make another team in Rhodes and Sandow. The fact that Sandow and Rhodes have already lost match in the past, with Rhodes taking the pin, makes me think why would they continue to team up, but that's WWE for you... They're lazy so they think ''we can't think of anything to do with these guys, let's stick them in a tag team so they can break up in a few months!''

If this all leads to Sandow and Rhodes winning the titles off Bryan and Kane at HIAC, so Bryan and Kane's storyline can continue, it would be ok, but still I would of rather Sandow won the IC Title, but I guess that's not going to happen with Ryback having that in his sites. I just don't want Sandow to get his first pinfall loss when he's tagging with Rhodes, that would be a horrible way to end his never pinned/submitted streak he's been on.
Rhodes is one of the best performers in the WWE today.

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