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Re: How does Cena do it?

Originally Posted by moon25 View Post
As I said, as long as he's entertaining heel, then it doesn't matter if he got cheers or boos, people can cheer who they want, just like what today's fans are doing, cheering the heels even though they suck. Talking about Cena being over pushed while you're punk mark? Okay.
Cena has been given the worst storyline in WWE with Big Show ans big Johnny in WWE and other craps for almost a year, not to mention he hasn't been WWE champion for year now, not even competing in a championship match until the last two months, even the story with punk revolves mostly around punk rather than Cena, then how he's the most pushed guy, and how he's everything in WWE?
Back in the time WWE was about 5 or 6 guys, you're right, but they wasn't in the same position neither were they booked the same way, Austin wasn't the same as Foley or Taker, Austin wined most of the times, and when he was losing, it wasn't clean, not to mention he always was in the main event. You're talking about 5 or 6 guys as if this era is full of talented wrestlers, this era sucks because of lack of talent, Cena has nothing to do with it. Also Cena lost more clean than Hogan and Austin, I don't even remember when was the last time Cena won, oh yes, it was money in the bank which he unsuccessfully cashed in to be the first one who does that. The bottom line is Cena is the face of the company and he's getting the biggest push wether you like it or not, even though Hogan and Austin got more pushes than Cena. Talking about cena not putting any talent over while he was the reason that Punk in this position right now because he lost to him in many times and don't really remember Cena defeating Punk other than that irrelevant raw.

But punk received the biggest push for more than a year and he still can't draw, not to mention letting him to break kayfabe and shoot to the company to get over, also his recent storyline with Heyman and his usual sucking up to IWC, I don't know what Vince can do for this more to make him a draw.
I agree with some bits of this post, but I disagree, looking back in the years it appears to me that more new talent got a chance to sink or swim. WWE has some decent new talent this year, some of it has been ruined with subpar gimmicks (Brodus Clay and Anthony Cesaro), and others were pushed too far too soon (Kozlov, Mason Ryan, and countless others). Now there are two particular fresh talents that are being pushed with care (Ryback and Damien Sandow) and I'd consider them worthy of a future career in the business.

I can't say much about the ruthless aggression period or a bulk of the PG Era, I stopped watching around 2002-03 so my opinion may lack credential. This is why I tend to give more slack when judging these wrestlers, and honestly niether Damien or Ryback have shown enough to condemn them. Did Ryback botch onces? Yeah, but tell me a wrestler who hasn't? Did Damien Sandow take a bump on his knees? Yeah, who gives a fuck? Does Brodus Clay's intro go on for too long? You bet, and I think they fucked him up further by dancing with children after every match.

However the biggest problem is the booking.

Anyhow, back on point, I really hate John Cena's pandering, it really insults my intelligence. and as for Punk's push it's not really that strong of a push and I am positive he was moving merch more than Cena was back in 2011 which really pokes a hole in your argument.


The credibility of the article is in question, I personally have no proof to refute or confirm the claims however it is something. Stop acting like he's such a failure, he's an entertaining performer in the ring and on the mic. How anyone could defend Cena's attrocious selling, bumping and outright pandering is something i imagine is in the realm of madness.
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