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Re: MMA Discussion Thread

Power means fuck all if he isn't hitting him. No one but Machida has been able to punch Jon in the face clean yet, and that's because Machida is quick and an unorthodox counter striker, and something that JDS isn't.. The only thing that people have been having success with are head kicks that both Rashad and Vitor landed clean, and and we can't really call JDS an expert head kicker (atleast what I've seen of him thus far).

Not saying JDS has no chance at all. One clean shot lands and Jon is down for the count. What I am saying is that I think Jones has the upper hand on paper because

A) When the time comes that this fight does happen, Jon will be a much better fighter then the last time we would've seen him. He will be stronger and better and will have closed up the holes in his game making it even harder to beat him.

B) Like he said, Jon knows his opponent inside out by the time they fight. When fight night comes, Jon will have a master strategy to beat JDS and will also train accordingly by analyzing the fuck out of him.

C) He is a fucking monster who has had the greatest two years in UFC history and has destroyed 5 former world champs in a row.

Honestly, I think Cain has a better chance at beating Jon then JDS. Power, and striking, and amazing cardio and speed.

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