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Re: How does Cena do it?

Originally Posted by Pro Royka View Post
It doesn't mean he was a successful heel. Heels should get mix reaction and mostly heat.
The Undertaker did get mixed reactions. People boo'd him for taking on all their heroes. The Undertaker just remains as one of the most popular wrestlers because of the depth and the impact of the story behind the metamorphosis of his character.

I dont hate Cena the person, I hate the fact that he's over pushed and gets credit for everything. Him being a heel, makes it even more worst he will still be pushed to the moon. I don't like the way how Cena is everything in WWE,
He is over-pushed, yes, but it's because he's so well-received by the kids.

things should get back on truck when things were about more than one guy, back in the time it was about 5 or 6 guys being in the same position and getting the same booking and advertising. Cena gets the best booking, the most advertising, and the most hype or push.
I think that things should be that way as well. Maybe once times change and the target audience finally gets tired of Cena, then other superstars will get more exposure.

So it hurts because if Cena leaves the WWE, people will say that WWE is dead, and many say "Cena is WWE" so is that safe for the comapny.
Some people may say that, yes, but the WWE only cares about ratings and what the target audience wants. If WWE can hash out bigger and better things once Cena leaves, then who cares if people claim that WWE is dead?

I think Cena is selfish and egotistical for not trying to put a talent over or trying to change WWE, it makes more sense than Punk doing it because he has the most power. There is so many guys that deserves the same treatment why there isn't 5 or 6 guys in the same position.
Again, I may be wrong, but although I agree that Cena IS everywhere and it's getting old for the older generations it isn't getting old for the kids of today and Vince sees that. The story-writers dictate what the characters do. The characters don't write themselves. Yes, again, there is a lot of talent waiting to burst out there, but John Cena isn't running a dictatorship backstage saying "Fuck you all I own this thing". If anything, Vince is the one saying "Fuck you, I own this thing, the kids love it, the kids and family-oriented audiences tune in and like it...I don't feel like changing things."

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