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Re: cena does it again

if you believe that Rock needed pandering to the crowd in order to get over , then you're beyond delusional , and at this point you're schizophrenic

they started cheering for Rock ever since he was a heel in 1999 , hey used to shit all over them and they continued to cheer him and sing along with his catchphrases

did The Rock ever say shit like "Frezno is on Fire tonight" or did he ever compare a wrestling feud to a Basketball contract signing just to get the crowd sympathy ?

even if he did , he never needed it .. while Cena comes off as pathetic and shameless pandering

so please , save some face and don't compare Rock's automatic overness with the crowd in every state back in his prime with Cena's desperate shtick , that Montreal promo was brown nosing at it's best

the phrase "Finally .. The rock has come back to [inset city here]" is more of self gloating than pandering , it's like "Finally i'm gracing you all with my presence" , he used it first as a heel but the crowd loved it and he continued with it , what's the logic in stopping it ?

don't make yourself look like a dumbass by saying statements like this, next thing you'll say is that JR never wore a black hat

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