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Re: Big Show vs Randy Orton To Main Event On Friday

Originally Posted by ogorodnikov View Post
um, okay.

this is a typical Randy Orton match:

-get the shit kicked out of him
-snap powerslam
-spike DDT
-RKO/get reversed

Big Show has a very limited moveset outside of his strikes, as does Orton. so what's going to happen is Big Show is going to beat Orton up, it's going to drag for a while because it's the Big Show, Orton recovers because he's a babyface, does a few moves and then wins or losses. at least for non-PPV matches. obviously i didn't literally mean 5 moves, i was joking to show how limited their movesets are.

i'm glad to help. let me know if you need anything else clarified for you, i know what i first said initially was an odyssey to most people to comprehend.

Not sure if your trolling or just have limited wrestling knowledge.
Orton has a vast move set and would be in the top 3 wrestlers in the business.

I think even people who dislike Orton would agree he is a great wrestler, that's never been in question.

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