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Re: cena does it again

Originally Posted by Rayfu View Post
Uh rock did kis ass 24\7, they all do, thats what I'm saying

if they did not do that they would not be over simple.

As for cena sucks dont matter, it dont, you know why?
If I can get 50 or so pepole to chant "monekys wear pink" the rest would join in, go to any crowd and if a few pepole do it a whole bunch more join in who dont have a prefence in the matter.
Just like how when Cena was cheered a bunch cheered him, when he was booed the same booed him becuse it was what evrey one else dose

Its a "staple chant"

Just like "what?"
or "Yes yes yes yes yes"
Half the pepole now dont know what "What?" came form
and the yes yes yes is done by Bryna haters and fans alike becuse its PART OF the shot

You can even see cena fans doing the "Cena sucks" they dont think cena sucks they are just going along with the chants.
First, if you are practicing to type fast, try to read your post before posting, thank you.
Second, you did not get what I was saying, they all did it, yes, chants are a part of a wrestling character. They did it to get over most of the times, what I am saying is that the Rock, did kiss ass, but it's not the only thing he did to get over. Not just make him use every bit of propaganda outside kayfabe to get his ass over. Not just that, Yes chant go over? Use it next week, Zack Ryder is over? Use him to get over. Oh it's cancer awareness month? Make sure Cena is the only one to wear a shirt, because he's the only one who cares. Get it? Propaganda, pondering to the crowds, all of his "promos" have it. He's a walking merchandise outlet. Who else needed that to get over? He's a freaking babyface posterboy for this era, and 50/50 with the crowds? You know something is wrong.
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