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Re: cena does it again

Originally Posted by Rayfu View Post
Your wrong, they ALL kissed up to get over, they ALL did, not ONE of them would be over if they did not kiss up

Lets see here
"Finnly the rock has come back to ____" (As if he really cares about evrey city like that) huge kiss up

the "pepoles champ"
the "pepoles elbow"

He is full of kissing up to the fans, and I'd ask how do you know if they could of goten over if they did not do it?
the awnseR? you can not.

Also Cena is over with a lot of the cword, that "Cena" sucks chant dont mean shit, its like "Yes yes yes" half the pepole doing it dont CARe either way its just a chant, if you said
"monkeys were pants" half the cword would chant it.
Where did I say that they did not all do that? I said that is not the ONLY thing they could do to get over, they actually were not boring and not kiss ass 24/7 just not to get half booed out of the building. Cena sucks does not mean a thing? You could probably work for wwe then buddy. Vince would love somebody like you.
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