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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

JAM's Review

I know Joe isn't much of a talker and was glad that he had limited lines because that's just how he is. You portrayed him really well here. I kind of marked when Finlay got into the mix of things cause I wanna see Finlay vs. Jericho for the title, would be good. Jericho just seems like a god in this thread with all this Worthy talk and it's a good gimmick for him since I can see him in that light. Liking that Heyman seized back control of AOW there but when things got physical, it just went bad for Heyman. Don't know what happens next with the attack on Heyman, surely Foley will be in charge now? A turn of events here with that attack.

You've made a fan out of me for Doane. He's been pushed really well and I had no doubt in my mind that he was going to be Sydal. I'm a huge Sydal fan though so I was disappointed to see him lose. Why not make him and Kidman a tag team instead? I know your tag division is stacked right now, but another team, a quality team like Sydal and Kidman would be cool to see. You have a really unorthodox imagination man. That message from the Mexicools to Carlito was very creative, awesome job with that one.

More chaos with Hassan/Punk, a brutal attack that was. Pretty surprised to not see Foley show up yet. Whoa, Joey just loses it, haha, LOVE IT! An awesome match between Wilson and Haas. I liked that Wilson is getting a chance to showcase his talents as a singles competitor, I'm a big fan of him as well. I like the constant back-and-forth you have going with JBL and Joey Styles, it seems especially elevated tonight for some reason. The video packages you do are always good so this one for This Is Exile is no exception, looking forward to that PPV!

Like that you've dubbed Danielson as the “White Knight” sounds like a pretty cool gimmick. Here you have Jericho seizing control once again. Isn't Foley around? Surely he would step in now, but that remains to be seen. Debuting Kingston and Black at the same time? And in a match together? WOW, just WOW! Black and Kingston put on one helluva show. I was wondering what would happen to Joe/Finlay since the Black/Kingston match went on for a while. But man, what a match that was, you made quite an impression for both guys. If people didn't know who they were, they do now. My favorite spot was probably the ending after those quick exchanges before Black hit his finisher. I also like you playing the fact that Heyman did all this, not taking away from what happened earlier in the night. Just when I thought the night couldn't get better, it did with that final segment. The brawl between Joe/Finlay was awesome and then getting run over by a car!? Damn that Jericho, sneaky bastard, truly a great character that you have. Wooooo, what a show.

Overall, you've left me stunned. After reading that great match that Kingston/Black had, it only got better as time went on. You had a lot of my favorites on tonight, Sydal, Wilson, Kingston, Joe, loved it. Every episode you've produced has been great and are only getting better if that's even possible. All I can say is WOW man, but to really get me going, let's get Christian Cage back now shall we?

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