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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

AIW Absolution 7
1.Jim Thorne vs. Rickey Shane Page (No Ropes Barbed Wire):*
The stipulation and RSP pretty much made this match as good as it was. Jim Thorne looks like a sack of poo in this match while RSP was willing to actually allow himself to go into the barbed wire with some force. Not good. Was hoping for some insanely awesome violent moments and it didnít live up to it for me. Oh and at the end of the match they tried getting across the same story that they did last year with RSP and Vincent Nothing about how RSP had so much potential and had to go be the REAL Rickey Shane Page. The difference was that that match was REALLY, REALLY GOOD. This match not so much

2. Submission Squad vs. Da Latin Crime Syndicate (Impromptu Brawl):N/R
This really wasnít a match. It was just 3 members of the SS and 2 from the LCS hitting each other with chairs for the most part. It wasnít fun.

3. Drake Younger vs. Ethan Page vs. Davey Vega vs. Arik Cannon vs. FaÁade vs. Eddie Kingston (6 Way Scramble):***
Well this is what I expected out of this kind of match. That isnít a bad thing because these guys put on a really fun match. FaÁade served his purpose and hit a couple high flying spots. This helped show off Ethan Page, who I now want to see more of because I was quite impressed. Drake Younger didnít really do a whole lot and neither did Davey Vega. Thatís not saying they did badly I just literally mean they didnít do a whole lot outside Drake jumping on a bunch of people. The ending was highlighted by Eddie Kingston and Arik Cannon trading backdrop drivers and I loved every bit of it.

4.Colin Delaney vs. Marion Fontaine (Bare Knuckle Brawl):N/R
This wasnít really a match. Let me say that everything up until the sound of the bell was entertaining. The video prior to it was funny. Colinís entrance with him running around the ring with an American flag jacket and Arik Cannon was entertaining. Then the bell rang. This was 3x3 rounds and that made the rounds too short to really do anything. The first round was like a normal beginning to a match so by the time the round was over almost zero contact was made between them. Round 2 was a little better but I still wouldnít call it good. Overall I wouldnít call this a good segment. Iím really hoping things pick up from here because I have two ďmatchesĒ that were more segments and one match that wasnít very good.

5.Youthanazia vs. AEROFORM vs. The Batari:**1/2
Weird. I like all 3 tag teams in this match but this just wasnít doing it for me. I was hoping that this would be that really fun 3 way tag match that I loved from the likes of The Olsens, Aeroform, and The Irish Airborne. Didnít feel like they accomplished a lot here.

6.Duke vs. Jock Sampson(Texas Bullrope Match):**1/2
Pretty much just a big bloody brawl. Not that good but still better than the opener as far as bloody brawls go. The best part of the match was the big table spot and in this kind of match a big spot kinda makes or breaks it for me.

7.ACH vs. Adam Cole:***1/4
This match begins with pretty much the coolest Roman Knuckle Lock I have ever seen in independent wrestling. Peopleís enjoyment of that will vary. They go all around the outside. ACH tries bashing Coles hands against tables to break the lock. ACH also tries to use his insane athleticism to get out of the lock but Cole has none of it. Cole plays more of the veteran role early on but after the awesome Knuckle Lock around the building they just seem like two good wrestlers trading moves. Which if I could have heard the crowd at all, not sure whose fault that would be the fans or SMV, would have helped in me buying into the finishes. Still pretty good match here and once again ACH has a strong performance in AIW and Adam Cole is Adam Cole.

8.BJ Whitmer vs. Bobby Beverly:**3/4
Decent match right here. BJ Whitmer with RAGE goes right after Bobby Beverly but as soon as Chest Flexor distracts BJ Whitmer, Beverly goes on the offense. So we had the veteran against the young heel champion with his evil manager. Good stuff. It was sorta sad seeing Beverly in what I would say is poor shape. I thought he was on his way to being a top prospect in the Midwest but he was rocking a beer belly. BJ on the other hand has to be in the best shape of his life.

9.Irish Airborne vs. Briscoe Brothers:***
I donít hate on the Briscoes at all. They usually seems like they are going through the motions and while they didnít go all out here they had a fun match with The Irish Airborne. Wasnít a ton of a story here but when you have two good brother tag teams then the match probably wonít be bad. I donít know why I included brothers but it doesnít diminish its accuracy. There was a point where Dave Crist got tossed out of the ring and dived right into the guardrail. I didnít seem the point in that and it really irked me. It looked like he took a big bump after looking like the guardrail just killed him and then he would come back like he had gotten tossed outside the ring like a normal person. Whatís the point in making that spot look bigger than it is when he is just going to bounce back like it was no big deal? The finish was little anticlimactic for me since it involves two finishers but the more devastating finisher went first and the weaker looking one ended it. But let me reiterate that the action outside of this was still pretty good and makes me happy that The Irish Airborne may get another shot in ROH.

10.Tim Donst vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Shiima Zion vs. Eric Ryan:***1/2
Favorite match of the night. My only real gripe with it is that Eric Ryan got eliminated so quickly. He is the current champion and though he is bland he should look like a big shot or at least a bigger shot than he seemed here.Otherwise they built Shiima being an asshole coming in as the ex-champ and being cocky as could be. The only reason he is able to eliminate Eric Ryan is because he isnít paying attention which allows Zion to hit the 450 splash. I always hate how people do really quick eliminations in these sort of matches but they spread them out which was a plus for me. They built their way to Donst vs. Gargano and that was sure the right call. Donst is one of the most underrated guys out there and after seeing this match and Night 2 of KOT promotions might finally try and make him a big deal. He will never be known as Tim FUCKING Donst in CHIKARA but everywhere else he will be, or at least should be, and thatís awesome. Gargano and Donst were the best wrestlers in the ring and they exchange finishers and took it to each other for the gold. While Gargano isnít Shawn Michaels they are both the best wrestlers on their companyís biggest stage. Gargano vs. Danielson is the match that made me get my first AIW show and Iíve always made to pick up at least a few shows a year from them.
-The angle after the match should be mentioned. A new heel stable known as Nixon shows up wearing suits and Nixon masks and reveal themselves to consist of the returning Chris Dickenson, Ricky Shane Page, Eric Ryan, and Bobby Beverly. Quite an interesting group I would say and they declare war on AIW by taking out half the roster as they try to get in the ring and Chris goes and rips the plate off the title that had just been on the line. They are eventually run off by the roster. Kinda sloppily done but the idea gets across. Then Tim Donst gets on the mic and says something along the lines that he is going to kill bitches dead.

OVERALL:Going into this show I really wanted to like this show. This is AIWís biggest show and though the main event and the post-match angle felt big the first half of the show was really hard to get into IMO. I saw a review where the guy liked the two bloody matches and if I had I would absolutely give it a recommendation. I didnít enjoy those matches though so I canít really do that. There are no matches to go out of your way for which would have also helped counteract some of the boring beginning stuff. The second half was at least solid throughout with Adam Cole vs. ACH, the special attraction tag, and the main delivering but again it is hard to get into a show that starts really slow and kicks into high gear too late.
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