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Re: The *Memories* Thread

Originally Posted by Brandon on Intelligence
In conclusion, you're blind to intelligence, you exemplify ignorance and annoy the piss out of anyone that has spent more than a moment glancing over one of your posts. And I still envy your string like hair you call facial hair on your chin.

After all of this, hopefully you've finally gotten a fuckin clue, own the fuck up to everything you've done and maybe make a miraculous change into a somewhat bearable poster? I can only hope but I'm sure knowing you this'll do no good.

Good night.
Originally Posted by Brandon on what the fuck you did
What did you do?? What the fuck did you do?? This is what you've done.

~ You made six rants in the span of two months that were absolutely horrible.
~ Three in the last week.
~ Two in the last three hours.
~ You had the gall to say A LOT of people would be pissed if I were to remove you forever.
~ You wince every time any member says anything critical about you.
~ You make apologies to people then less than an hour later conclude you hate them in another thread.
~ You like people who loathe you.
~ You hate people who've went out of their way to go make you things with THEIR own god damn time. {Diesel}
~ You constantly report posts that you shouldn't, cluttering my already overfilled inbox.
~ You've cursed out members and I haven't found 'sense' anywhere within those posts, anytime you've cursed anyone out.
~ You ask ridiculous questions.
~ You act like your quote on quote "cool".
~ You can't make sense in any of your posts bar a miraculous occasion.
~ You have a beautiful piece of string on your chin you call facial hair and I'm envious of it.

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