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Re: The *Memories* Thread

Originally Posted by Brandon on the word rape
The word about 10 months ago was causing major problems, and stupid, which was also mass offending people who were complaining in numbers to me. Once the word was allowed for a little too long, Cal started putting pics of little girls in his sig, and started 'who you wish were dead' threads in rants repeatedly. It then went further then that and everyone started arguing and fighting until the forum imploded at the end of April and I closed it for a week so we could restore the place.

These problems were usually sourced back to the 'who you wish you were dead' and 'rape' things, therefore I outlawed the word rape when I was around, and usually tried to keep away from the death such, since it was a massive problem.

Together with my indecisiveness and erratic decision making, this was the top thing that pretty much drove WR down the shitter.

Basically, if I allow the word, Cal has a field day and everything leads to spam and turmoil all over the board - so since last May, I've (whenever I've cared to enforce the rules) been very non-leinant about it and completely outlawed the use of the word. They've always known this, and this time, decided to push buttons, again, after WCW already had gotten shit for it two hours beforehand. If this were the first time, they'd get off scott free without any warnings that weren't verbal, whatever. But they've been doing this for a year now, getting away with it for a year now, and their still here, despite neither of them deserving to be, because every time this happens people come in here and think whatever punishment happened to them was too harsh and defend them despite their knack for breaking any and every rule they can when I'm not visibly here to watch them do it.

Well, if no one has realized, the forum's down the shitter, as I previously noted. There's a whole 40 people who view it daily now, maybe 50 that view it weekly and about 30 that post regularly. There's a fairly logical reason behind it and it's not mainly behind my erraticness because I was erratic all the way back when the forum started. Source-point; CaliGula.

This was the last straw on the camels back. I've been dealing with this for a year now and it should've been dealt with awhile back, when we still had members viewing the forums.

This is why Melquan got a ban for a single day and Cali got a ban for an entire month, which frankly, I'm really hoping gets moved to permanently because with him on the boards, he eventually forces anyone away with a differing opinion that won't budge on it, and monopolizes the board with things he makes popular amongst other things. He may be extremely savvy in regards of wrestling but it doesn't help when he's the ONLY one of any worth posting regularly around the boards.

If anyone hasn't noticed, I see a shitload more people posting when he's not here. Jake started, I started, DPETE started more, Rellie's posting a bit, monkeyjuice was posting, Sean would be if he weren't probably grounded for bad grades (lmao).

Am I the only one here that sees this?

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