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Re: Avatar Universe Mafia- game thread

Dan was strolling down the street thinking about Future Indrustries. He turned the corner and got a fireblast right to the face. he imeadiately fell to the ground in severe pain, thinking about how his wife had died at the hands of a fire bender. A man stood in front of him looking down at Dan the man. "Please take what you want", the man wanted nothing, he finished Dan off with another fireblast.

Dan the marino was

Spoiler for Dan:
Congratulations you are

Hiroshi Sato Avatar Aligned(for now)

You are the father of Asami and the founder of Future indrustries. the reason i said (for now) is becuase halfway through the first season it is found out you are working for the eqaulist. Your role is the traitor. Each night you can pm me the name of someone and if they are a member of the equalist then you will join their mafia team.

if you don't switch sides during the game you win when all threats to the Avatar are eliminated

Good luck.

But that wasn't the only death that was dealt out on this bloody night

Kenny was busy charging his electricity sticks when he got a sword though his back. killing him

He was

Spoiler for Kenny:
Congratulations you are

Lieutenant. Eqaulist aligned

You are Amon's second in command. you have electric sticks that you use can be used to fight the benders you encounter. this makes you the Roleblocker. each night you can tell me who you want to block and they will be unable to sue their role.

Here is your qt

You win when all threats to the Equalist are eliminated or you control 50% of the vote.

good luck

Mikey damage was found dead. his body contorted in various directions.

he was

Spoiler for mikey:
Congratulations you are

Katara- Avatar aligned

You along with your brother Sokka were the ones who discovered the Avatar Aang when he was stuck in that giant iceberg. You and Aang eventually become married and spend the rest of Aang's life together. you also happen to be the only person from the Original Series alive during the spin off. As a female Water Bender, you were taught how to heal. This si kinda what you'll be doing in the game. You are the even night doctor each even night you can pm the name of someone and they will be protected that night.

You win when all threats to the Avatar are eliminated.

Good luck

Magic was busy drinking some tea when all of a sudden a lightning bolt came down and killed his ass.

he was

Spoiler for magic:
Congratulations you are

General Iroh Avatar Aligned.

You were once one of the most decorated Fire Nation generals. but when your son died during a attack you changed your ways. You spend most of the time trying to give advice to Zuko so this makes you The Messenger. Every night you can pm me the name of someone and a 50 word message and i'll pass it along to them.

You win when all threats to the Avatar are eliminated.

Good luck

Town was in shock at all the carnage from last night. they knew they had to get to the bottom of this and quick.

with 21 alive it takes 11 for a majority.

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