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Re: Wrestling Trivia (Facts not everyone knows)

Originally Posted by 666_The_Game_666 View Post
I dont think that Owen Hart thing was ever official
I don't think it was absolutely official, but when the gimmick was created, I have read numerous times that they had Owen Hart in mind for it.

Originally Posted by the modern myth View Post
Scott Hall can't really take credit for the Sting Crow gimmick, as the gimmick was stolen wholesale from a comic book and movie. I could never get past that fact. I suppose Sting turning into a comic book movie character makes sense. He was buddies with Robocop after all.
He can take credit for the fact it was his idea for Sting to become Crow-like, but I mean, nobody can take credit for any gimmick if that's the case man. John Cena wasn't the first rapper, Undertaker wasn't the first zombie etc. I can see what your point is though, absolutely. I just think somebody having an idea for a direction of a character deserve the applause for it, even if it is a rip of something going around at the time.

Originally Posted by greendayedgehead View Post
Dory Funk Jr helped Christian break into the business.
Oh, the list of people Dory has helped become the wrestlers they are is an amazing feat in itself isn't it? Just had a quick look at the !bang! wiki page (I know, I know,) but it lists wreslers such as Christian, Kurt Angle, Steve Corino, Hardys as well as Gail Kim right back to William Regal. Something impressive to put on the CV.

Some more;

Kane VS The Undertaker, 1995.

One that loads no but is interesting for people who don't, DDP's first Wrestlemania appearance was at Wrestlemania V in 1990, driving Rhythm & Blues to the ring. I've also read DDPs first wrestling match was in the late 1970s.
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