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Re: WWE: Generation Rising

*Backstage officials are said to be pleased with last night’s show and are tight lipped about who could’ve kidnapped Dylan Kelly. Speaking of which Kelly is said to want to keep the PG product but to make it more edgy.

*WWE officials are also said to be impressed with Ryback who has been lighting up developmental. Ryback formerly known as Skip Sheffield is said to be extremely close to being called up to the main roster.

*Speaking of additions to the roster, WWE are said to be closely on the tail of TNA superstar Chris Sabin, it is unknown if Alex Shelley his tag team partner will be approached too. Sabin only has a month left on his TNA contract and it is looking apparent that he will not be extending it.

WWE Monday Night RAW – 28 May, 2012

RAW is live tonight from the New Orleans arena and opens up with the usual video package. After which we’re welcomed to the broadcast by Matt Striker & Jerry The King Lawler, the arena remains silent for a number of seconds before “The Game” hits to an enormous pop. The COO and NEW RAW GM would be accompanied by Stephanie McMahon and he has some big questions to answer. Hunter with a microphone in hand first stated how much of a battle he had with John Cena last night labelling it one of the toughest in his career. Hunter says that he didn’t want to win in those circumstances of attack but did what he had to do. Moving on he reminds us how our PPV ended last night with the kidnapping of WWE chairman Dylan Kelly, Hunter says that as the highest authority figure in the company behind Kelly is now running the WWE, this makes the crowd pop huge. Hunter says that over the past 24 hours he has had countless members of the WWE roster come to him asking for air time and seeing as he’s now in charge he states that Friday Night Smackdown will be returning live on Friday nights! Hunter says that the night after No Mercy will see a huge draft take place on a 3 hour edition of RAW. As for who will run Smackdown Triple H states he will be interviewing candidates over the coming weeks. Triple H informs the crowd about how much he loves this but sadly it won’t be permanent as a search party has been sent out to retrieve the kidnapped Dylan Kelly, this is not met with much love from the crowd. Before he could continue he would be interrupted by John Cena to a massive ovation. Cena would quickly storm down to the ring and retrieve a microphone. He cuts straight to the point and demands that Dylan Kelly be found as Cena is still yet to get his hands on him for what he did, John meanwhile wants the man who cost him his match last night Cody Rhodes and he wants him tonight. Triple H sarcastically thanks Cena for the interruption and states he was just getting to the topic of Cody Rhodes, he is also unhappy with the end of the match last night and orders Rhodes to come down to the ring as he will face John Cena right now! After a number of seconds Rhodes’ music would hit to some big heat and the son of the American Dream would appear on the stage, dressed to compete but with a microphone in hand. Rhodes to the annoyance of the fans will not be facing Cena tonight but will be happy to next week. Cody says that when Dylan Kelly came to him for help he was quick to jump at the opportunity. Not because he was Kelly’s biggest fan but because of his dislike to John Cena. Rhodes says that Cena made a mockery of the professional wrestling industry by refusing to come to work after he lost to The Rock, Rhodes also blames Cena for the state of wrestling today. Cody thinks Cena has made wrestling different from the golden age of the 80’s, Cody asks the crowd to look at him and he is a throwback to that great era. Rhodes says he took Kelly’s offer on his quest to bring back the golden age of wrestling and end the Cena era of wrestling. Triple H would remind Cody that he is in charge and that he will face John Cena right now, Cody on the other hand says he’s pulling a Cena and not working tonight and he headed to the back. Triple H was livid as Cena paced around the ring, Hunter however thought fast on his

feet and says he knows Cena wants a fight and that there is someone else in the back who wants to fight, John Cena will take on Kane later tonight! That announcement would take us out to commercial with Cena static in the ring.


We return to the broadcast with scenes of the crowd in our arena tonight, we are quickly welcomed to Yoshi Tatsu who is in the ring ready for action tonight; an eerie guitar rift would sound transcending the arena into darkness before Bray Wyatt accompanied by the same holograms from last night would walk down to the ring with a microphone in hand. Wyatt would babble about his glorious night last night, about his welcoming. He says tonight he will welcome as his opponent is invited to join the Wyatt family. Ending with his sick laugh the lights would come back on forcing his family to disappear. In this match Wyatt would dominate and make short work of Tatsu and he ended the match with a kiss goodnight to Tatsu’s forehead before hitting a Swinging reverse STO to gain a 3 count and an easy win. Matt Striker is mesmerised by Wyatt’s destruction as he would saunter out of the ring to the back in darkness followed by his reappearing holograms. Striker would quickly send us backstage where an altercation has broke out, on arrival we would see various crew members separating All World promotions including new arrival Kofi Kingston and R-Truth and Evan Bourne, the pair could be heard shouting why to Kofi Kingston meaning about his cruel betrayal to them last night. Triple H would appear and controlled the situation with ease, he scheduled a match for tonight between the Prime Time Players and Evan Bourne and R-Truth. AW and his men disliked this decision immensely until Triple H announced that the winners would be in line for a Tag Team title shot.

We cross back to ringside and are greeted by the suit wearing Miz to some big heat. He doesn’t look happy as he enters the ring and demands a microphone. He is quick to vent his frustrations about last night and how their champion CM Punk stole his victory last night at Judgement Day. Miz claims he is the most see WWE Champion of all time and he still intends to win his 2nd WWE title. He would be rudely interrupted by our champion now CM Punk who looked extremely pleased as he swaggered down to the ring with the gold on his shoulder. Punk is on point with his statement that if it were Miz who won in those circumstances he would be pleased but because it isn’t him he is calling it a joke. Punk slightly admits maybe Miz did knock him onto Sheamus for the pinfall but it was him who gained the pinfall and the 1,2,3. Punk offers Miz another title match at anytime he wants it because Punk is the best in the world. But here comes the other competitor from last night as Sheamus came from the back to a huge pop! Sheamus calls Miz an arse before he is quick to mention that he still hasn’t received his 1 on 1 rematch for the WWE Title and that if Punk is keen to offer out title shots he is keen to accept his tonight, a statement which the crowd are definitely on board with. As the microphone is raised to Punk’s mouth Miz interrupts with the opinion that Sheamus can’t get the job done anyway, this leads to a stare down between the two men to the delight of Punk who smiles. But what’s this? Here comes Mark Henry accompanied by AW down to the ring. The smooth talkin’ AW mentions that it’s time for some people to enter the Hall Of Pain and that his client Mark Henry is lookin’ for some gold. Henry now takes the mic and reminds the superstars of just how strong he is as he would hold the World Heavyweight Championship for a period of 2011. Henry tells Sheamus to get to the back of the line and if Miz wants to debate this with him to go right ahead cause’ he’s waiting. CM Punk is quick to mention that there seems to be some disagreements here and that maybe they should just go ahead and fight it out. Punk says he’ll leave them to it but as he turns around he is clobbered by The Miz from behind, it’s all kicked off! Sheamus and Mark Henry are brawling in the centre of the ring as Miz is stomping on Punk in the corner. Sheamus is holding off the big man as AW urges Henry to fight back in the ring, Sheamus charges at Henry but is caught and nailed with a World’s Strongest

Slam with a sickening thud. This catches the attention of The Miz who turns with shock and out of pure fear charges at Henry, only to suffer the same fate as Sheamus. Henry sizes up Punk, but the champion is showing some fight as he hits Henry with a few kicks before picking up his gold and smashing Henry in the side of the head with it, somehow he is still standing though! Punk gets ready to deliver another blow but is hoisted up and crushed into the canvas with a WSS. Henry defiantly beats his chest as AW enters the ring and picks up the WWE title. This is before handing it to Henry as he raises it above his head to some heat from the crowd, this would take us out to commercial.


We return to some big news, news that broke during the break that later tonight we’ll see CM Punk team up with Sheamus to take on The Miz and Mark Henry in tag team action. Speaking of tag team’s here comes one now to the ring, they are the Tag Team Champions, Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks. The pair saunter down the ramp to some big heat, they’re dressed to impress tonight as they both don grey suits. It looks as though the pair will be on commentary for our next bout. With that “Move” hits through the PA system and the Prime Time Players accompanied by Kofi Kingston hit the ring to some heat, most directed at Kofi. They stand in the ring shouting their mouth’s off before Evan Bourne and R-Truth make their entrance. This match would feature some innovative offense from Truth and Bourne however due to interference from Kofi Kingston by distracting Truth; Darren Young was able to roll up Bourne for a 3 count. Truth and Bourne were then blindsided by the three men, beating them badly. Kofi would hit a Trouble in Paradise on both men and he then grabbed a microphone to give his feelings. Kofi would mockingly say why, annoying the crowd. Before he could give his explanation, CAN YOU DIG IT SUCKAAAAAAAAAAAA! Booker T is here, the man who Kofi hit with a Trouble in Paradise last night, Booker is met by a monstrous pop as he charges to the ring and cleans house. Nailing all three men with lefts and rights. Booker hits a devastating kick to the chin on Kofi; he is quickly dragged out to the outside though by his cohorts. Booker is livid as he flings his suit jacket to the outside before he performs a spinaroonie and exits the ring. Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks who still sit on commentary are bemused by this and say they may as well head into the ring.

The pair sarcastically mentions they were here to congratulate the winners but it seems they can’t now. Tyler Reks says they should’ve zip lined down to the ring again and this prompts Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara to come down to the ring. Rey asks if this is a joke to them, they should be honoured about being Tag Team champions, not happy about their entrance. Rey says on both occasions they have faced it was either a mistake by them or Hawkins and Reks cheating to stop them winning the titles. Tyler is quick to interrupt stating Rey is just bitter because of his knee and that they will face them again at any time for the titles, just to embarrass them again. Here come Primo and Epico though along with Rosa Mendes. Epico and Primo enter the ring and talk in Spanish however the last word is English Luchardors, BAM! Primo and Epico along with the Tag champs beat down Rey and Cara, Mysterio’s knee seems to be the main target of both team’s assault. Jimmy and Jey Uso are out for the save; the pair storm the ring and fight off the 4 men. Jimmy and Jey clear the ring! The four men along with Rosa are furious as they scream back at The Usos in the ring who help Sin Cara to his feet, BAM! Jey Uso hits Cara with a Superkick out of nowhere! The crowd are in shock as it seems The Usos are taking no prisoners as they symbolise the titles around their waists to a mixed reaction from the crowd. Jerry Lawler is impressed by the pair and thinks the champions have got a massive target on their backs.


Kane calls out as clips of beat down’s in the WWE are shown.

Mercy is something I do not show.

Kane electrocutes Shane McMahon’s testicles.

Showing mercy separates the weak from the strong.

And now Kane debuts at Badd Blood 97’.

I am the Big Red Machine and on June 24th, I will show No Mercy!

Our commentary team can’t wait for No Mercy in a couple of weeks, they are quick to point out that Wade Barrett showed no mercy last night as he decimated and forced Chris Jericho to submit. They are mentioning this as here comes Barrett now to some big heat. Wade whose beard is growing at an alarming rate saunters down the ramp and enters the ring before he calmly asks for a microphone, he is full of smiles here tonight. Wade goes the route of saying I told you so to the crowd regarding his promise to make Jericho submit, Wade says that he has taken out Jericho thus starting his barrage. Wade wants to put everyone on standby that Jericho is the first of many to be ended by him, but here comes Y2J! He is battered and bruised as he struggles down to the ring sporting his skinny jeans and leather jacket. Jericho admits Wade has beat him up pretty bad but that time he planned on retiring has now gone completely, Wade has reinvigorated Y2J and Jericho wants to lay the challenge out there. Due to them being tied 1 for 1 Jericho wants it to end when he is medically cleared to compete at No Mercy. Barrett is smug however and questions his judgement, stating that maybe the loss of blood has got to him and if he really wants to get back in the ring with him. Jericho says he doesn’t want this but he needs it! This receives a big pop as Barrett rubs his grizzly chin...BAM! Wade smacks Jericho square in the face, Barrett is taking advantage of Jericho’s well being as he brutalises him. He stomps on him, grounding him at every attempt to get up. Wade is enjoying this as he laughs evilly, Wade now exits the ring and picks up a steel chair. Wade smacks Jericho repeatedly as he gets back in the ring, he rags Jericho’s clothing off him and he smacks him again with the chair. Wade brings Jericho now to his feet and hoists him up, WASTELAND! Barrett has destroyed Jericho again. The heat is unrivalled as Wade leaves the ring; our commentary team are stunned by the brutality as we head for a break.


We return and are backstage immediately in the trainer’s room; Chris Jericho is laid across the table as the doctor places an ice pack on his spine. In comes Triple H to a massive pop from the crowd as he looks concerned. He is straight to the point and asks if Jericho will be in good enough condition to compete at No Mercy, Jericho’s facial reaction isn’t good as the doctor just shakes his head. Now William Regal comes into the scene checking on his good friend Jericho. Triple H tells Chris to get some rest and as soon as he’s fit enough whenever it may be he will face Barrett.

Now for some tag team action, CM Punk comes out to a massive pop still feeling the effects from earlier tonight. Now his partner Sheamus arrives, this before The Miz and Mark Henry accompanied by AW make their respective entrances. Miz and Henry do not seem to be coherent with each other after Henry took out his partner earlier on. Despite this they work well as a team as they try and fend off the champ and Sheamus. They successfully dominate Punk for the majority of the contest until a lapse in concentration by The Miz allowed Punk to make the hot tag to Sheamus. The Celtic Warrior was gunning for Henry and got his wish as Miz squirmed to make a tag. Henry and Sheamus the two behemoths would trade blows until Sheamus took advantage and with amazing strength he bodyslammed Henry, Miz would tag his partner on the shoulder as he rolled to the outside and Sheamus whose eyes were wide with rage would tag Punk and head after Henry. Whilst the two men in the ring contested Henry and Sheamus brawled near the announce table, Sheamus had the advantage until AW made a brief distraction, catching a fierce punch for his troubles. BAM! This time though allowed Henry to steady himself and hit the unaware Sheamus before lifting him up and nailing a World’s Strongest Slam through the announce table! Our commentary team would be in awe as they threw their arms up in shock, meanwhile in the ring CM Punk who was on the top rope would be distracted by the awesome thud and Miz would take advantage tripping him off the top rope, forcing him to land awkwardly on his neck. The Miz would drag Punk to his feet and hit a Skull Crushing Finale for the victory. Post-match he would quickly exit the ring, it’s clear he wants nothing to do with Mark Henry who would be congratulated by the vibrant AW.

Backstage now with a smug looking Wade Barrett, he would be confronted by Tyson Kidd briefly questioning Barrett’s manhood; Wade however would brush off these comments and continue to walk through the corridors. This until Triple H who is enraged meets Barrett and calls him a smug punk, Hunter wants Barrett to get what’s coming to him and when Chris is ready he has been guaranteed a match with Wade. Wade is on the money however when he points out that after No Mercy he and Jericho may be on alternate brands. Again to a big pop Triple H states he runs the WWE now and he WILL face Jericho when he says.

Ringside now where Brodus Clay makes his entrance he is accompanied by Zack Ryder and his dancers, Cameron and Naomi. Clay is ready and looks extremely focused, out now to some pretty decent heat Damien Sandow along with The Big Show. Sandow however is quick to talk about the newly enlightened Big Show and that he is tired of Clay and Ryder’s ignorance too. Also he’s tired of just being looked at as a giant, Sandow announces that Show will now go by his real name “The Enlightened” Paul Wight. Wight wearing his old attire from 2002 of black trousers and a black vest entered the ring to begin his match with Clay. These two big men would fight around the ring in typical big man style, definitely not a technical classic. The finish would come when Clay was distracted by Sandow and Ryder brawling on the outside, he would turn around then into a knockout right hand and would be pinned. Wight would quickly exit the ring and help his new friend and enlightener Sandow and bring Ryder into the ring, and another right hand would be delivered before Sandow picked up a microphone and stated that Clay and Ryder have just been enlightened. Cameron and Naomi would be in tears on the outside as Striker on commentary questioned who could stop these two from the path of enlightening. The two men standing triumphant would take us out to commercial.


Upon return to RAW we would be greeted with a video package hyping up the 1000th episode of RAW. This then lead to Lawler and Striker discussing their favourite moments of RAW. We headed backstage to a room lit in eerie red lighting; Kane would sit alone in a chair to a huge pop, he would slowly scan the room. This is until his attention is diverted by a knock on his door as Stephanie McMahon entered and informed Kane his match with John Cena is coming up in a little while, Kane would stare without emotion before simply asking of the whereabouts’ of Alberto Del Rio the Intercontinental Champion. Stephanie’s response was not one that Kane appreciated as she stated he is not here tonight. Kane was livid and began flinging the chair around the room forcing Stephanie to quickly scatter. The camera would quickly leave the room heading to a concerned Matt Striker and Jerry Lawler.

Here comes some big heat! Daniel Bryan and AJ make their way down to the ring, there are no YES! Chants from Bryan tonight even though a majority of the fans are chanting it. He and AJ quickly enter the ring and surprisingly AJ is the one with the microphone, AJ says that she is so sorry for what happened last night and that it doesn’t change the fact that Daniel is a better man than Randy Orton. Better than the man who would attack an innocent girl like AJ, AJ finishes her apology before Bryan is handed the microphone as he thinks about his decision. The crowd are in chants of NO! And a very large Slut! Chant. Bryan says nothing and opens his arms wide allowing AJ to come in for a warm embrace to some massive heat. Daniel releases the hug before he vents his feelings. His main feeling being that last night despite AJ’s mistake he wasn’t going to beat Orton as he suffered a serious injury during the match. Randy hit him with a RKO early into the bout and Bryan uses this as a excuse as it severely hurt his neck. The crowd aren’t buying this bullshit and neither is Orton who comes out to a big pop, he talks on his way down to the ring, first addressing AJ saying that she got in the way so she got hurt. Orton wanted revenge from February and he has that now. Orton wants to now avert his attention to the big one the WWE title, Bryan however is furious that Orton has completely blown him off. Daniel also wants the title so that he and AJ can become the real power couple, but Orton and he aren’t finished he suggests why don’t both men face off not just to finish this but to become the number 1 contender. Orton seems on board and he stares coldly into AJ’s eyes however she smiles back into the eyes of The Viper, this proves a vital distraction as Orton is clobbered by Bryan. Bryan is going for punishment, RKO! Orton hits an RKO out of nowhere! Bryan is out, Orton is wriggling about and he wants to go for a Punt! AJ is stood frozen not knowing what to do as she watches Orton go for a Punt...AJ runs in the way of Randy stopping him in his tracks. The crowd are booing ferociously and chanting RKO, Randy backs away before falling and pounding the mat putting the fear of death into AJ who cowers away. Randy slithers backwards out of the ring to a huge ovation as AJ cries in the corner of the ring. Matt Striker is quick to mention that things are not finished between these two men as Randy heads to the back with his theme music playing through the PA system.

We are now briefly cut away to the backstage were John Cena stands with what seems like new WWE merchandise, a royal blue shirt is what he wears with Ruthless Aggression written across it in red blocked writing. John is in the locker room readying himself for what will be a brawl with The Big Red Machine Kane. We are now to be treated with a diva’s contest featuring Layla teaming with Natalya to take on Beth Phoenix and Eve. All four make their entrances and Layla who is still taped up is struggling as Beth continuously beats her down dominating her with brute force. Suddenly Layla would make a swift tag and allowed Natalya to enter the ring and clean house. She would knock Eve off the apron and in trademark fashion would scoop Beth’s legs and lock in a Sharpshooter! Beth would have no choice but to tap! Upon their victory Natalya helped Layla to her feet in the ring and took a hold of the Women’s title from the referee. Natalya raised the title high into the air before handing it to the British diva, clearly she’s set on the title.


We’re back and it’s time for our main event Kane makes his entrance to a big pop and the big red machine is ready for action. Now John Cena enters again to a massive pop, the biggest of the evening. In spite of the fact there are a few anti-Cena fans in attendance. The bell rings and John Cena is showing brutality we rarely see from him, John is delivering harsh strikes to Kane before he is met himself with an uppercut. Kane is now in control and hits a big boot to Cena sending him to the outside, Kane follows to the outside and whips Cena into the steel steps shoulder first forcing a yelp in pain. Kane throws Cena back into the ring and follows on only to be scooped up and hit with an AA! John makes a cover, only for Kane to power out! John can’t believe it and he is looking to finish this now. He waits for Kane to get to his feet and NO! Kane hits a right hand. Both men would continue to trade offense until the finish of this match as Cody Rhodes who claimed he was bringing the golden age back appeared from the crowd, Cody wearing his grey t-shirt would distract Cena who ultimately turned around into a chokeslam and was pinned for the victory. Kane’s exit was unnoticed as Rhodes entered the ring and lay down by Cena with a microphone in hand. Cody mentioned how Cena may have been right about taking time off because he just can’t seem to get it done anymore. Cody says that if he thinks its bad now he is in for hell. Cody is ready to restore professional wrestling as he brings Cena to his knees and hits him in the head with the microphone with a sickening buzz. Cody brings John up and hits a Crossrhodes! The crowd sit in stunned silence as Rhodes grabs the microphone and simply states he is the Rhodes to the future. RAW would go off the air with Cody smiling at the battered body of Cena in the ring with Smoke & Mirrors blasting through the speakers. Matt Striker states that Rhodes is one serious wrestler as we go off the air...

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