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Re: What I have learned from rants?

Originally Posted by Mystical View Post
Why hasn't he been back? He's not banned anymore, it can't because you guys posted pictures all over the internet making fun of him. Stop pretending that what you did was harmless.
I hope it was fucking harmful. The cunt was a self-promoting spam artist who was using this forum to advertise his shitty youtube channel. He got called out for it and the forum united against his bullshit posting style which was designed to get his sig advert appearing as frequently as possible in threads. And this forum hardly constitutes ALL OVER THE INTERNET.

You and the other Bad Blood white knights are also constantly using him having 'learning difficulties' as an excuse to defend him. He doesn't have learning difficulties. He's a self-promoting twat who thought he was the bizniz but he wasn't. He got taken down a peg or twenty, that's all.

You, however, stalked a female member online, then harassed her by phone. You thought this was funny and told everyone about it expecting them to join you in laughing at her. You were right about them laughing, but wrong about who they would laugh at.

You don't have any legs to stand on with this. You don't even have arms to prop yourself up with. You're just a torso flapping about on the ground like a fish.

Keep flappin', Mystical.
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