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Re: Innocence of Muslims

Originally Posted by eddiefan View Post
It is a totally different culture in that part of the world and expecting them to think the way we do is unreasonable. That is not going to happen with this generation of Muslims at least and there will always be a part of the Muslim population that is going to very sensitive to minor insults. The answer isn't to keep goading them to violence by insulting and showing disrespect to their beliefs.

This always happens when some idiots decide to get all controversial and try to make a name for themselves by crossing lines which piss the Islamic world off. And guess what? Our people who are in that part of the world end up getting hurt. And our reaction is to say why can't the Muslims just grow up? If we can take insults why can't they? I'm sorry but both sides are acting like children.
Exactly. And expecting Western societies to fake respect towards Islam and curb our own free speech to satisfy the demands of a few cry baby extremist Muslims is unreasonable. Myself, I make it a point not to attack the general Muslim population. I attack Islam and the fundamentalists. I find it a barbaric, hateful religion just like Christianity. If me criticizing Islam is considered "insensitive" than tough shit. I know not every part of the world doesn't have free speech. In many Muslim countries, blasphemy is a crime. In fact, look at this.


While I'm doubtful this will ever pass, it's scary to think that criticism of any religion, even well meaning and thoughtful criticism, could be outlawed because some extreme Theists don't want their feelings hurt. Human rights are about humans. I hear shit from Theists and people on the other side of the political aisle that I don't like and I don't throw a tantrum and demand their criticisms be outlawed. Free speech trumps religious sensitivities. I'm not talking about speech that targets Muslims for violence. No, that is hate speech. But criticizing Islam and mocking their prophet isn't "hate" speech although one can hate Islam.

I love Muslims but hate Islam and what it can do to otherwise peaceful people. Get over it.
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