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Re: Innocence of Muslims

This endangered species, special protection nonsense for one religion based on the thin skinned nature of a minority of it's adherents is completely & utterly moronic at worst & mentally flaccid at best. The fact that anyone that even pretends to be a student of history or even modern history espouses something so pathetic as a deterrent for violence should consider another hobby. It doesn't even work with children; kid gets picked on, which leads to tears / tantrums & the solution is to tell everyone else to leave him alone. Result? The pressure increases, the taunts become even more pointed, & the level of animosity rises. The correct approach is for the object of ridicule to develop social skills sufficient to survive the verbal onslaught, you can't protect someone from the world. Something about the heat & staying out of the kitchen.

Yes, because the path to religious equality lies in treating one sect with kid gloves & shielding them from the same vitriol received by any others. Makes so much sense.

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