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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Anarchy Review

- First off, I love the dynamic you've created that it's damn near impossible for anyone to beat Jericho for the title. First, it's hard just getting a title shot. I mean Joe's only lost once and he's having trouble getting one. Second, they basically have to find a way around the Worthy Legion who have a powerhouse in Lashley, an amazing athlete in Doane, and an absolute behemoth in Wright. Third, you still have to beat Jericho, who you've also established as being tough to beat. And finally after all that, Jericho still always have a card to play that no one knew he had. That's just incredible booking, my friend..

- Joe/Finlay? Awesome. I've been waiting for this rematch since the AOKO match. I'm really digging Joe being the "One Man Army" against the Worthy Legion. I also like that while Joe is fighting for AOW as a whole, Finlay's motivation is much more selfish..

- Wow, didn't see that coming. Heyman got the shit beaten out of him. Again, the anarchy (pun somewhat intended) that the Worthy Legion have created is being felt. My lord, Jericho isn't playing games anymore. Interested, to see what happens because of this..

- Sydel/Doane was a fine match. I like Kidman being a mentor to Sydel (and JBL's commentary, lol). Good win for Doane while also keeping Sydel's storyline going..

- Kidd/Hass was good and I like the slow turn for WGTT..

- The Carlito segments were pretty funny. Comedy is something that is hard to book in a regular wrestling show, but you seem to have a grasp on it. Should be a good angle for a few weeks..

- Danielson's whole "white knight" gimmick has been great as well. I find Jericho's last comment VERY intriguing. (Foreshadowing FTW)

- Kofi/Black? Firstly, ballsy move debuting these two together. I'm aware you did the same thing with American Made and Sons of the Dungeon, but those two gimmicks aren't nearly as strong as these two seem to be. I said before that I really like what you seem to be going for with these two and I still mean it. 25 minutes?!?! Damn. What a match! I kept expecting it to end and it just kept going and going. If I could compare it to one match it would be Cena/Michaels in 2007. Definitely among you're best work in this thread. Both guys are over now and both are established..

- Something told me after that match you wouldn't have Finlay vs. Joe tonight but, wow. DAT ENDING. Holy shit, I love it. Just goes to show exactly what I said at first and why Jericho is so damn evil..

Easily, my favorite thread right now and this show is just why. My god, just brilliance through out. Keep it up, my friend. This is something truly special..
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