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Re: TNA 2009: The Turning Point

iMPACT Feedback

The opening promo started off a bit slow for me, a bit bland but I guess you needed to get Cornette to have a little speech about running TNA again. Mick Foley as the General Manager as the X Division show pleases me, heíll be a good one for that type of show so good choice their guys with picking him. What Foley had to say was pretty spot on, the X Division show will no doubt be entertaining because of the amount of talent that Jamjam has to work with. The match announced for the debut show is a pretty huge match, a champion vs. champion match is always entertaining, you just need to make sure they both look good. The promo started to pick up when Daniels came out. Him complaining about not being pinned makes sense, he had the match won but lost it at the last second. I enjoyed the intensity that was shown by Daniels here, it really puts over how furious about how the match was stolen from him. Another huge match made here, this time for this show which was really needed, because having the opening promo on Impact devoted to the X Division show would have been a bad move. I would have liked to have seen maybe Angle come out and challenge him to a number one contenders match instead of Cornette just making it, but anyway - a great match made for later.

Solid choice for an opener, six men who can put on a good mach and good hype for what we can expect on the opening show of Xplosion. I would have thought Amazing Redís team would have picked up the victory, what with him losing the title at Turning Point. Anyway, it was a fun end sequence to the match, Homicide has his hands full if all of these guys want a shot at the gold.

An interview with Kurt was needed to hype up the main event, and get his views on Wolfe and Daniels. Putting over AJ by saying he was magnificent was a good thing, as getting praise from an Olympic Gold Medallist gives him a real boost. A Styles/Angle match would be entertaining as hell, but Iíd like Daniels to pick up the win and get a rematch. The little promo from Wolfe was okay, it really showed him as a ruthless bastard since he said you canít beat a man until you inflict serious pain, both mentally and physically. Iím not sure if Mr Mangled is a TNA thing or you made that up, but I donít like it, end it please.

Morgan is a good opponent for Wolfe to pick up a win over to get some momentum back, but I would have liked to have seen it be someone else; as I believe Morgan can be a big thing in this thread. I know a loss to Wolfe wonít hurt him that much since Wolfe has faced off against Angle, but I hope you give Morgan something to do soon.

AJ being fashionably late, eh? Must be a perk of being World Heavyweight Champion, show up whenever you want. The interview was okay, AJ was never the best talker but made up for it in the ring. The end to the interview was a bit strange, with AJ just clamming up and walking away from the interview.

Another good match that has took place on this show. Both teams are pretty great so I didnít really mind who won this match, and then you go and have a No Contest so that puts them both back in the title picture. Team 3D interfering makes me think weíll see a Tag Team Fatal Four Way for the Tag Team Titles which will be a great match. The fact that the champions were unsettled at the announce table is a good way to show how seriously they have to take Team 3D, and them putting MCMG through the tables was classic Team 3D. Interesting match made for next week, with two people from different teams facing Team 3D. I would have liked this to be space out a little better, and it was a bit early to have a commercial when you just had one.

Good bit of hype here for the Steiner/Joe match. Scotty for Heavyweight Champion please. Steiner on the microphone has always been entertaining to me, not sure why. Quite a cheesy nickname here, Sloppy Joe. Anyways, good win for Joe to get some momentum back after being pinned at the PPV. Bobby Lashley distracting Scotty which resulted in the victory for Joe was a good way for Joe to gain the his momentum back while making sure Steiner doesnít lose any after the win at the PPV.

Good confrontation between Styles and Daniels, everything so far is pointing to a Daniels/Styles matc or a Fatal 4 Way between those two, Joe and Angle. Good that we get to have another promo in the ring, weíve only had one so far so this should be good. The promo was solid, quite an eerie feel to it, the promo was a bit short but what he had to say was pretty spot on. Thought Sting would interrupt or something though.

Pleased that Tara picked up the win and won the Knockouts Championship, she is a great choice to spearhead the division as she is a good wrestler and could have some good feuds with some of the other Knockouts. Kong and Tara for the Championship this time should be good, although ODB should get a rematch so weíll see how that goes. Whenever Iíve watched TNA, Iíve always liked Abyss so Iím interested to see what you do with him next week. Good little segment with Homicide, giving some more hype to the Xplosion main event, I hope this match will be giving some good description because it could be a great match.

Main event time. Thought the words from Daniels was a little unnecessary, didnít seem to serve a purpose except to annoy Angle, which would actually motivate him, not sure youíd want to motivate someone like Angle when you are facing him. Pleased to see this match got some more description that the others, was a good main event and a good way to end the show. Daniels tapping out with the referee down gives Kurt a reason to be inserted into the match but with Desmond Wolfe attacking him I donít think that will happen. A Styles/Daniels match will be great, expected something from Joe here but in the end it was the right result.

Overall, I enjoyed this show. The promos were a bit short, and some of the matches needed some more description, even though Iím not great for putting description into matches. A couple of things confused me, like AJ just clamming up when JB asked him about Daniels and when Daniels spoke just before the main event. But yeah, I enjoyed this, good show man, I like your format as it gives enough information while remaining to the point. Now onto Xplosion!
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