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Re: Innocence of Muslims

Originally Posted by charmed1 View Post
Its not cool..Any video that incites hate of a race or religion isn't cool at all. It wasn't right when the Nazis did it but its ok now because they can hide under the little freedom of speech banner. Fuck off, hate is hate and its wrong however its done.
So now it's become unacceptable to take these sorts of shots on religion since someone targeted Islam but there's no outcry from the constant barrage of hate & derision that's leveled at Christianity? The emergence of Islam as a sacred cow just further incites anger because what that equates to is "Don't speak ill of Islamic beliefs lest we anger a volatile minority of the Muslim populace." So you create an atmosphere where you it's not an even field & only to avoid having someone translate disrespect into acts of violence.

You're enabling violent idiocy on a global scale & NO adherent of any religion should get a free pass based on their temperament.

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