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Re: Calum Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

JAM's Review

Opening the show with Jeff Hardy was certainly different. Don't know if his feud with his brother is good enough for him to be opening the show. However, you did in writing this promo for Jeff. Knowing Jeff's style, he would do what you did, he would go over how they've been working hard since they were kids only for Matt to cost him everything. That's definitely how I think Jeff would address things, plus the promo on the ladder was a good touch. I'm sure he really did this in real life right? But anyway, the brawl I was expecting and it really added to the tension of the brothers. Don't know how far you plan to take this feud but I personally wanna see this end soon. Have both guys get into the title picture to freshen things up.

Not much to say about the match with Truth and MVP as partners, certainly they'll be in each other's faces after MVP got the loss. Was a good win for Benjamin and Chavo, I do hope that you take Benjamin somewhere. I wouldn't mind if you bring him up to the world title scene. I've always been a fan of Ryder and Hawkins and I'm glad that you're bringing them in as a tag team. The tag team division is heating up with all these new teams set to rule the division but Zack and Curt have to be the favorites. You're jobbing Finlay? That's just not right, lol. I like Finlay so I was disappointed to see you use him to job to Big Show. At this point, I didn't mind Show since he was a pretty good heel and with Vickie by his side, the monster would be quite dangerous.

Look at you giving a damn about the divas division, lol. But honestly, the divas were still pretty decent at this time. Hopefully you keep them decent enough until you can bring in the young blood such as AJ, Eve, and Kaitlyn. But that's still far from now for sure. Was an interesting exchange between Edge and Matt, once old rivals. I like that they called the shots on who has who, made for a good theme for their promo. But when Matt said he'd be coming after the World Title, leads me to believe that you might actually have Matt move up into the World Title picture while keeping Jeff away and maybe cost his brother later on? Could be a good storyline.

I'm liking the interaction you've been writing between the eight men who will compete in the main event tonight. Always good to see how old rivals such as Matt/Edge, Carlito/Cena plan to work together. Still not a big fan of Kozlov but I do remember him having a monster push while he was on Smackdown so I guess you're trying to do that. Khali vs. Kozlov? Thank God this wasn't a very detailed match More brawling, a very chaotic episode of Smackdown. You may want to keep that at a minimum and use other ways to advance feuds but I don't mind it.

And what do you know, more brawling, haha. Smackdown was pretty good especially the main event. Glad that we actually saw some action but the brawls just added more tension to their feuds for this coming Sunday. Maybe setting off in pairs wouldn't have actually happened as I think the heels would work together and do anything to get the advantage over their opponents so maybe that could've been an alternate ending with the heels standing strong.

Overall, was a decent Smackdown episode. I really liked all the interaction between the people involved in tonights show. The run down was good, just reminding us of what to expect at Backlash. And even if it was in recaps, I still enjoyed it. Nothing took away from it despite being in recaps, so good job there. Onto Backlash!

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